The elephant and the rope

Isn't something wrong with India?

Isn't something wrong with India?

#1 At public places pissing is a common act but kissing is a part of scorns.

#2 Satisfying your hunger will take away your income (Rice 40rs/kg) and talk time is distributed through free Sim Cards.

#3 A talented Actor Denies shooting for the involvement of child labor. But an actress proudly dances in a party song having many children dancing for money in the background.

#4 There were hardly 5000 people in martyred colonel santosh madhik's funeral and more than 15000 people gathered in funeral of the heartless criminal yakub.

#5 Hundreds of IAS officers have to work under a 9th pass CM. Is it right?

#6 The ancient indian civilization witnessed toilet in almost every house , and today more than 20% of indians defecate in open for not having toilets at home. 

#7 Every one wants to have government jobs but government schools are like points of repulsion.

#8 Swach Bharat Abhiyan was rapidly spreading out dustbins had to be locked to avoid stealing. 

#9 When dhoni plays without pads is becomes most important to b considered by our media but no one care when soldiers are killed in terror attacks.

#10 Movies like happy new year have crossed their profit limits. But movies like mason strive to recover their minimum budget.

#11 An Olympic gold medalist sells pani puri to earn a living.

#12 Children are kicked out of home for doing love marriage, but people worship gods and goddesses who had done live marriages too. 

#13 Cricket team is always in headlines. There are hardly any people to know about the Indian kabaddi team, who won almost all cups which they played.  

#14 Priests Themselves wear a dhoti that too without a top. And they say short clothes are not allowed in temples. 

#15 The So called educated tribe depend on the lord visa hanumanji temple to get their visa.

#16 An IAS officer wrote a heart winning long essay on dowry and later ask a dowry of 1 crore.

#17 People still have the habit of spitting. And that too at Places which have signs to stop them from doing so.

#18 People worship the bleeding goddess kamakhya devi. On the other hand menstruating women are denied the entry in temples. 

#19 Rapists teach morality to the girls and advice not to wear short clothes. 


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