24 Most Astonishing facts about City of Lakes-“Bhopal”

Hello everyone! This is Poppy, as you all know I am a Bhopali 

Lets check Are you a pure Bhopali or not????  

Here I m going to share with you some rare facts about the most beautiful city of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal, the city that is more popularly known as the “City of Lakes” has some things about itself which are hidden from many people.

24 Most Astonishing facts about City of Lakes-“Bhopal

The geographical statistics may be known but what’s inside this city is definitely more interesting especially for residents of this city.   
#1. Bhopal was initially named as “Bhojpal” after the ruler who had his reign for a long time. The term “bhoj” is after the kind Parmara king Bhoj and the term “pal” means “dam” as this ruler created several dams surrounding the numerous lakes that are still present in the city.  

#2. It would surprise many that this city saw its golden period during the rule of the Muslim queens, more popularly called the “Begums”.  The height of the arts, public works, culture and architecture were astonishingly high during the rule of the ladies in this city.

#3. The begums gave the city all important things including the postal systems, railways, municipality, and the waterworks.

24 Most Astonishing facts about City of Lakes-“Bhopal

#4. Among the most prominent and remarkably made historical monuments are the shaukat mahal, moti masjid, jama masjid, chowk bazaar, Taj ul Masjid, gauhar mahal, sadar manzil and taj mahal. 

#5. On the outskirts of Bhopal there are other historical places and some of the finest ones are: Islam nagar fort, Ginnorgarh Fort, Raisen fort.  

#6. The city has the third largest bus rapid system corridor in the country, known as the BRTS.

#7. Bhopal is one of the best connected cities in terms of railway routes.   

24 Most Astonishing facts about City of Lakes-“Bhopal

#8. The Habibgunj station was the first to hold distinction as the ISO certified station in India.

#9. BHEL, considered among the maharatna companies of India is providing highly sustainable solutions for business in the various fields- infrastructure, industry and energy.

#10. Bhopal city is ahead in terms of the exports with an export stats of about 800 crore in textiles, 400 crore in soya meals.

#11. At Mandideep, the biggest manufacturing facility of the Éclair, Cadbury is established.

#12. The largest Electrode plant of the world is located in Bhopal.

24 Most Astonishing facts about City of Lakes-“Bhopal

#13. The Chowk Bazaar located in old city of Bhopal is still the ultimate destination for people who love shopping while witnessing beautiful articles decorated in shops.  

#14. The city has the finest institutions for medical sciences, forestry, architecture, science, planning, fashion, and law institutes as well.

#15. Came to be known as the engineering hub, the city proudly calls itself a home for about 150 prestigious institutes for engineering.

#16. This is the city is truly the development capital of the state that is known as heart of India.

24 Most Astonishing facts about City of Lakes-“Bhopal

#17. Taj ulmasjid constructed by Begum Shah Jahan is believed to hold its place as one among the largest mosques of Asia.

#18. Residing in the heart of India, the city of Bhopal has various UN identified sites for the culture and heritage like Sanchi, and Bhimbetka which are dedicated to Buddhism and rock paintings respectively.

#19.  With rising pollution and health problems, the city still manages to hold its position in the most green and healthy cities of india.  

#20. It is rightly called city of lakes because it has more than fifteen large and small lakes.

#21. The city has a national park that is a home to many birds, animals and plants and is called VanVihar national park.

#22. The celebration of Navratri is marvelous and worth watching in Abhivyakti, which is makes the garba dance worth remembering for the residents of Bhopal.

24 Most Astonishing facts about City of Lakes-“Bhopal

#23. Bharat Bhavan is art gallery and also the culture centre that faces the stunning Upper lake and tribal museum and theatres. 

#24. DB city mall is recognized as seventh largest mall in country and covers an area of 1,350,000 square feet, and has above 180 outlets of national and international brands.

24 Most Astonishing facts about City of Lakes-“Bhopal

So after sharing so many amazing facts of Bhopal, I am sure most of you would have relived so many moments that you spent here, in the beautiful “City Of Lakes”.    

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