Social Media Sites- A Conversation Between Me and Poppyy

Social Media Sites-  A Conversation Between Me and Poppyy
Poppyy v/s R K Rohit

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Hello friends, a hearty good morning to you all in the world of Poppyy. The point of view from which we look the world is totally different for the poppy because Poppyy looks in his own and unique way. Here I am RK Rohit, and I am going to do the debate with my dear and lovely friend Poppyy. We both and our more friends were sitting in the CCD (Café Coffee Day), and one of our friends triggered the topic on the social networking sites and after some time they all left both of us, and we continue the topic. We came home and still started the topic again the thing is that I am saying social networking sites are a boon for every people like students, teenagers, and for adults also. But Poppyy is against me, and he said that social media has the lots of disadvantages, and it have to ban as soon as possible or government should take some strong actions.
On some of the points of the social network, I also agreed with my dear friend Poppyy, but I think it was not totally correct in all the situations. So friends I want your help also to justify that what is right and what is wrong. Here is the debate and I want all of you to put your reviews on our debate, so here we start:

RK Rohit: - from my point of view social media has become the biggest platform and the way for communicating with the others and from our dear one also. Social media such as Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp and much more are there.  

Poppyy: - he says that spending time on all these social networks is fully wastage of time, all the people are just wasting their precious time on these websites and because of this it should be banned. 

RK Rohit: - by the help of the social media sites people can easily share their pictures with others, their precious and unique thoughts and views on any issue and even they can share their personal problems with others easily and in a quick time. People are in touch with the others by the help of all types of social networks. There are numerous people who are making the use of these apps for spying on the others.

Poppyy: - there are many of the people who can do the misuse of the pictures which people are sharing, giving thoughts on any issues is just the wastage of time if you can’t do those things personally if it happens in nears future. Sharing personal problems with other doesn’t make any sense if they can help you or they can also make the fun of you. Without using the social media sites people can also being in touch with their dear ones. Spying someone is not the right thing sometimes it may hurt you a lot if you are wrong at that time because there are lots of possibilities. 

 RK Rohit: - people can share their lives with the others and also anything which they want by the social media marketing. It is easy to make the accounts and chit chat with others.

Poppyy: - because of this easiness there are numerous people who are making the fake accounts on the social media sites and playing with the emotions of others and also making a fool of them.

RK Rohit: - human beings are the social animals by nature, and social media marketing is just an outlet for the people to interact with each other. 

Poppyy: - is social media marketing is the only options for the people to interact? No, it’s not the only option to interact there are lots of options which people can use in their life.

RK Rohit: - People can make their new friends easily by the social networking and in a quick time. 

Poppyy: - how can they be sure about their new friends are real, hey RK you only said that to make an account on the social networking is easy. So that means I can also make an account with some other names like Angel Priya and can make you fool. 

So Guys here is our small debate on the social networking so please be aware from cheaters and check this out and give your precious reviews on this. For more stay tuned with Poppyy, me and with my 5 Am Pop UP team  bbyyee and have a nice day. 

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  1. Rk i think your point was right, and one more thing doing great job brother.

  2. Hey Rk, well done I like ur writing style so much keep writing dear.. ����😘


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