Pakistan's Barking Ability Gets Gruesome (Pakistan V/s A Dog)

Pakistan's Barking Ability Gets Gruesome  (Pakistan V/s A Dog)
Pakistan's notoriety has now become something more of a mental pain than a physical one for India and Indians

As We all know, barking dogs seldom bite, it always stands true for Pakistan however in their case their age old barking ability is now consistently dwelling on to the biting one. (Here I stress upon this fact that I'm nowhere comparing Pakistan to a dog because a dog never disturbs a human soul until he is declared mad)

Without a shadow of doubt, Pakistan is one of those lands of continuous uproars that has been feeding terrorism everything. The list varies remarkably surprising as it offers miscellaneous items ranging from starters to sweets. Although one can't straightforwardly deny that Pakistan has been progressively reaping what it has, indeed, been sowing for the destruction of others for a very long time.

Troubling us, has been the most sought after creative activities for Pakistan as their own developmental needs nowhere include the humanity for which they can actually focus their attention on the brighter sides of being good.

The dirt resides into the pragmatic state of Pakistan is certainly not what what Islam teaches anywhere globally. Nations that always embolden the lifeline of terrorism always has Pakistan topping the list. Despite having lost all previous encounters with us, Pakistan always keeps on poking it's nose in India's business of border affairs. Like all my fellow citizens, I wonder more often than not upon a fact that a nation as worst as Pakistan that doesn't even have the potency to win a cricket match (The WC Saga) keeps on provoking us for yet another mouth-breaking,  historic defeat.

The pressure mounting on Pakistan from various works bodies, the Baluchistan issue, The Sindhu River issue etc. have already cudgeled Pakistan's mind like never before. Even their self groomed terrorism has also started troubling it's very own gardener who's had a tremendous role of applause for carrying out such a wonderful upbringing. And then the possibility of a terrorist being a Muslim gets debated on all fronts.

It doesn't really matter what all massive destruction weapons a country or a rival has inside it's ammunition basket as those weapons too need sheer guts and sensible daring for their successful operation. But the way in which Pakistan have shown a consistent display of pure cowardice by their past and present acts, that speak well about the dutch-courage they have been garnering for years.

In the end, I'd say I'm confident on our army's forthcoming action plan that will sure add another chapter to Pakistan's defeat-loving character.

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