Stop Rape Part 4 – Types of rape in India

Stop Rape Part 4 – Types of rape in India
Rape is the most debated word but have you ever heard about its types? Yes, you heard right......I am talking about the types of rape, and when you know about it,  then the ground will shrink beneath your feet. After our three previous popups Rape Part 1, Rape Part 2 and Rape part 3, here we will see its types..........

Once a woman is raped……..the molestation is not over their……… it is just a beginning of her rape........ She gets raped each and every day, every minute and even for every second of her life. Laws and punishment are just meant for punishing the convict for physical rape, but what about the different type of rape that the same girl faces every day??? Here are some of them…………….

  • Rape by her family

I know you are shocked with this statement, but it is true. The family is the first thing a girl need when she faces physical molestation. But many girls are not even supported by her family members, in fact, they balm the girls for such incidents. In this way, she is continuously raped by the dirty words of them and they use to stem her every day.

  • Society is the rapist

Boys in a family are taught from childhood that women get raped because of their fault. And when women get raped she again raped by society through discrimination, they treat her like filth, the question on her character and she has been raped by then everyday with their behavior.

  • Rape by police

Police are our protector, but when it is about rape, then they too didn't consider it s a matter of physical molestation. In fact, they suggest the victim to keep this thing secret and forget about justice. Also, they ask filthy and vulgar questions at the time of filing FIR. And here also she has been raped by their useless questions, attitude, and behavior.

  • She raped in court

It is very shocking facts that even the girl are mentally raped in court by a lawyer. The court is the place of justice but in that court lawyers rape her with their dirty and cheap questions though it is illegal to ask any personal questions in the court. They cross question on the character of the rape victim and try to prove her characterless and responsible for her rape. Just for winning the case they do not even think about her pain and grief and keep on attacking her character and cloths. 

  • Mental rape

Physical rape is not just an end, but it is the beginning of her mental rape. Above listed all the people are responsible for their mental rape and it is not just the convict.  Isn't very strange that people forget that person who commits rape but remembers the rape victim? Why she get raped by everyone and everyday of her life?   
Let's not make her suffer for the crime that is not committed by her. She is rape victim, not a convict so stop treating her like one. She just needs support from her family, society and everyone who is around her. Let's take a vow and stop such type of mental torture…stop raping her mentally.

This is all for today and keep reading and commenting guys and make out this revolution big. Thank u!

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