Why your India is known as incredible India?

Why your India is known as incredible India?

India is our country and is a land of beautiful, big and wonderful things. Even from the Himalayas to ocean, from the snowy mountains to the Thar Desert, India is an incredible country full of beautiful sights and full of brightest people. India is a unique country with much diversity. The important slogan of our India is "unity in diversity".
 Why your India is known as incredible India?
India is known because of its diversity in languages, in food, in states, in the occasion and in everything which represents the people of the country in a different and way.
If we are talking about literature and science, it has produced many great persons like DR. Abdul Kalama who is known as missile man, Rabindranath Tagore and much more.

Some fun facts about our India

#1 Whenever you read Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita then you will feel that there is not even an alone text in which mentions the term ‘’Hindu’’. The word Hindu was given by the britishians because our India’s land was on the other side of “Indus” river.

#2 You just think India is a country of local languages; you know what India is the second biggest country in the world in the term of speaking English. 10% peoples of India can speak English.

#3 Now third fun facts of India are about family; it is huge family. A man has 94 children, 39 wives and has 33 grandchildren.  

Know about past life story in India

Know about past life story in India
Science has no believed in Hinduism beliefs. According to the Indians when any person has died, on his body get died not his soul. After death, their soul enters into another body. The soul can never die. One point is given below on past life story:

Miracle in Hanuman temple

A Hanuman temple situated in Sarangpur is the district of Gujarat, and this place is very famous for the idol of Lord Hanuman. Who visit the temple of Lord Hanuman the statute’s of Lord Offer a whole coconut directly into statues mouth. Now what happen next will put you in wonder. When devotees inserted the coconut in the mouth, then it gets cut into two halves. Then the broken piece comes in the hand of devotees to collect it.

Meaning of Humorous Stories and its types

In a simple word we can say that humorous means something funny like if anyone born in 1700 then says something is humorous, it means they thought it’s funny. Some stories are print on this term. We have a much huge collection of humorous stories with funny twists in the end. You can know stories about animals, about wealthy people, etc.
Why your India is known as incredible India?

Note: If you want to read humorous and life stories online and if you can buy the book online many websites are given on Internet Play store is the another medium of purchasing and reading books online of different authors.

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