No! Hindi is not India’s national Language

No! Hindi is not India’s national Language

#1 Many people in India believe Hindi to be the national language, which is legally and factually untrue.

#2 Constitution of India doesn’t specify any National language.

#3 India is a diverse nation and has more than 1600 spoken languages.
#4 Of these, 22 languages have been given the status of official languages.

During the formation of India Hindi and English become the official languages of the union for next 15 years; English to be removed later.

And the states were allowed to choose their own official language.

After 15 years, the issue of national language again came up.

The efforts were made to find an India origin language that could be.
  1.  A national language
  2.  The only official language.
  3.  The lingua franca.

#9 Hindi was a popular choice but protests erupted in Tamil Nadu against Hindi so all the official languages continued as those were.

Now India has 22 official languages that could be considered national languages.

Hindi and English are still the official languages and main language of communication by the central government.


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