Good bye mongoose -A dangerous helper

Good bye mongoose -A dangerous helper

  This is a short but an interesting story about how a helper becomes a dangerous helper at the end and how the two friends are willing to say goodbye to dangerous helper forever.  Would you like to know that how a helper can turn to a very dangerous helper at the end? I hope that you all will enjoy this short story. 
Once a while in a dark forest, a small lake was there fully filled up with sweet and cool water. All the animals that live into the forest used to go there for drinking the water and slake thirst. The water of this lake was so sweet and cool that the fishes started living there and have lived for a longer time. In this lake, a crab too lives here with its best friend swan. The beautiful white swan too lives on the same lake. Both the crab and Swan were happy with each other’s company. The happiness of both the best friends lasted for a short time as one day a snake family builds its home near to that lake.

Each day the beautiful swan lays the eggs into its nest. The snake family would come up and eat all the eggs for feeding their hunger. The swan thought “I have to at any cost find out the way to give full protection to my eggs.”

One day the swan approached to the crab and asked for the help. The Swan said, “Please help me out, my dear best friend.” My eggs are in danger, and every day the cruel snake family comes and eat all my eggs for feeding their hunger. What can be done I do not know?

The crab became ready to help out its best friend. The crab though and got an idea. Crab said that “I have a great idea.” What can we do is let us catch some fishes from this lake and laid them from the house of the snake to the mongoose house. The mongoose family lives nearby here in the forest.

The crab and the Swan have caught the fishes from the lake and have dropped those out from mongoose house to the snake house. After doing this, they have hidden behind a big banyan tree and have waited until the mongooses come out to eat those fishes. After some time the mongoose and its other family members came out and saw the fishes lying outside the house. They all over enjoyed and had the mouth filled up with water.  “Hmm! The fishes are lying outside my house how lucky we all are!”. They all ate the fishes very much happily and reached to the snake's house. Both of the best friends were continuously watching the event from behind the tree.

When the snake saw the family of mongoose thought that “the mongoose family is here to attack my family and me, I must have the better fight to save my family and me.” After sometime the fight began in between those and after having a fierce battle, finally, the snake family was killed by the mongoose family.

Watching this for a longer time, both the Swan and crab had a greater relief. But the joy of both was very shorter. Another day, the mongoose family was hunting for the food and also for the mouthwatering fishes and has reached to the swan’s nest. There the family of mongoose found the eggs and ate all to feed themselves. Both the best friends were feeling very much helpless and have though that they have bought new threat all upon their life. They even cannot imagine that how a helper could ever become a dangerous helper. Their thoughtlessness has brought them a new dangerous enemy as compared to the previous one.

After few days both the friends have again decided in forming more effective plan to get rid of such a dangerous helper. One needs to be very much careful while fighting with its enemy.
This is how a helper at the end becomes the dangerous helper. I hope that you might have definitely enjoyed reading the story. Shortly we will be coming up with more interesting short funny and humorous stories for you to enjoy reading it. 

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