The curse of the donkey to the lazy girl

The curse of the donkey to the lazy girl

This is a short story in which you will see that how a lazy girl was cursed by the innocent donkey. We hope that you will enjoy reading the story and learn something very much important.

Long time ago, in a very small village named Bah, there lived a very old woman and her very lazy daughter. Whereas the old lady was very much hardworking and kind towards her work but her daughter was fully alternative. The daughter was very much lazy and selfish too. They too had a donkey with them on which they used to carry loads. One day the old lady said to her daughter “we should take full care of our innocent donkey” The daughter replied with full ego “Hah! The animals are there to serve us, not we all are there for them to serve”.

In the village there was a small pond that is filled up with the sweet and cool water at some distance from the house of the old lady. At every afternoon the old lady used to go to the pond to get the drinking water and take the bath. Meanwhile the selfish and lazy daughter used to lie down on the bed and would all time eat and sleep.

Once it was a very much bright sunny day, the old lady was not feeling well and she fell ill. She asked to her daughter to take the donkey to the pond. “It is very much hot today and the donkey might be feeling very much thirsty”. The girl replied let the throat of the donkey come out of thirst, I do not care”. Then the old lady replied “look! I have a box full of mouthwatering sweets”. Do you really want it? I know that you are very much fond of sweets. Take the innocent donkey to the pond and help to quench donkey’s thirst. Just take the donkey to the pond while it drinks the water you can enjoy eating those delicious sweets.

But as she gets out of the house from the sight of the old lady, she tied the donkey to the tree and sat under the tree and started eating the sweets. The very thirsty donkey waited for the daughter to quickly finish all the sweets and take it to the pond for drinking the water so that it can slake the thirst. The donkey thinks “I hope that she could finish the sweets as soon as possible”. But after she had eaten the sweets, she again came back to the home lied down on the bed and told lie to the old lady that she had taken the donkey to the pond for drinking the water.
The donkey got too much of angry. He has cursed the girl that “let her become the chatak in her next birth”. Chatak is a bird that only drinks the water when it is raining. As I have been waiting for the water to slake thirst, you will be remaining thirsty until it rains.

At the end in this short story what had happened is the girl in her next life has really born as chatak. It is said that this is a bird waits for the rain for drinking the water throughout a year. The thirst of the donkey has taken its revenge.

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