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The elephant and the rope - A Short Elephant Story For Kids

The elephant and the rope- A Short Elephant Story For Kids As I have promised you to be back with another short story in My Segment 3 Minute Stories For Storytelling, so I am back. Today I am presenting a Short Elephant story for Kids, it is a short story but I tried my best to keep it motivational and inspiring.

It is good for those who easily fail to put more attempts and easily give up in putting more efforts. They must read this Elephant story for kids and learn many things that can be helpful in their both personal as well as professional life. So read the interesting short story about elephants and the rope and see what happens in the end of my story.  

My Short Elephant Story For Kids
Once a while a man named Jennifer was passing through the dark forest, he saw a group of elephants and stopped their suddenly. He saw that these big and powerful elephant’s legs were tied with a small rope. He was confused to see it and thought “why the creatures are tied using a small thin rope …

Lesson for every son- Inspirational Moral Stories In English

Lesson for every son- Inspirational Moral Stories In English A Sweet Hello to all, here I am back with a new short story for you in My Segment 3 Minute Stories For Storytelling. Today I came back but not with a funny story . I am presenting a short emotional and Inspirational Moral story in English.

I am hundred percent sure that my story will be going to be one of the best inspirational stories in English with moral for all the son of their father as it is one of my best real life inspirational stories in English.

Continue reading it, and I am sure that when you reach till end reading the story, you will come to know about the strong bond is their in the relation of a father and a son.
My Short Inspirational Story With Moral In English- "A Lesson For Every Son"
On the eve of the Christmas, When I Was having my dinner in one of my Favorite Restaurant in my town I Saw A Handsome Guy looking well educated with his very old father came into the same restaurant for a dinner. Th…