The elephant and the rope - A Short Story

The elephant and the rope- A Short Story

As I have promised you to be back with another short story, so I am back. Today I am presenting a story that is short but motivational and inspiring.  It is good for those who easily fail to put more attempts and easily give up in putting more efforts. They must read and learn many things that can be helpful in their both personal as well as professional life. So read the interesting story about elephants and rope and see what happens in my story.  

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Once a while a man named Jennifer was passing through the dark forest, he saw a group of elephants and stopped their suddenly. He saw that these big and powerful elephant’s legs were tied with a small rope. He was confused to see it and thought “why the creatures are tied using a small thin rope and why no cage and no chain was used.” It is very much easy for the big and powerful elephants to escape out from the place at any time from their bond. But they didn’t do so.

After few minutes he saw a trainer and asked to him that “why are those innocent animals standing at a place and did not make any attempt to get off.” The trainer replied, “When these elephants were too small I used to tie them using a small rope, and at that age, the rope was enough to hold these creatures.” They used to try escape out, but every time they fail easily. As those elephants grew up, they all were conditioned in believing that it is not easier and possible to break the rope and get away. They all believe that still, the rope can hold them tightly, so they have never tried harder to get off from there.

The man got amazed knowing it. These elephants can easily break out from the bond, but because of their thoughts they didn’t attempt and were stuck in a place.

Similar to these elephants, the numbers of people go through the life simply hanging on a silly belief that they cannot do anything. This makes people to fail easily without putting efforts. They must think and understand that failure is a part of learning process, and one need not have to give up doing struggling in their life.

So, I hope that you might have enjoyed reading it and have learned not fail to leave a hope and try harder to do struggle and achieve your target of a day or life. Till I am back with more short stories stay happy and safe.

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