A Grandfather, Father and a Son - 3 Minute Short Story In English

A Grandfather, Father and a Son - 3 Minute Short Story In English with moral

 A Grandfather, Father and a Son - 3 Minute Short Story In English

It is believed that only elders have the right to tell 2-3 minutes short story to younger ones to teach them morals. However, this story is the opposite of it. Here, a son teaches a lesson to his father. No issues whether you are a child, adult or a senior citizen, this 3 minute story with moral is quite interesting for all.

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Lets See What Happens In The 3 Minutes Moral Story In English

Ronit was a painter and carpenter. He lives in a village with his father and son. His mother died a long time back and his father was very weak. 

The behavior of Ronit is very bad for his father. 

His father can’t walk or stand because the carpenter gives him very less food to eat. He has given him a plate made from earth mat to eat his food. The plate was very weak and small so it can carry only a small quantity of food. In addition to this, he was a drunkard and fight with his father daily after taking drinks.

He has a son Rocky, who was a very good boy. He loves his grandfather and has great respect for him.

Furthermore, he sleeps with him because his grandfather tells him a 3 minute short story like a mother.

Rocky did not like his father because he was so rude to his grandfather. Unluckily he was only 12 years old, so he can’t support his grandfather.

One Day Situation Got Worse - 3 Minutes Storytelling

One day Ronit was drinking and the grandfather was cleaning utensils at the other end of the room. Suddenly, a glass fell down and broke into pieces. 

When Ronit saw this broken glass, he got very angry with his father. Moreover, used harsh words to abuse him. The old man was sorry for his mistake and cried about the misbehavior of his son. This accident was the turning point of the story.

The next morning, when Ronit was going to his job, he saw Rocky working with his tools. He got shocked and asked him what you are doing with my tools son? The reply opened the eyes of his clever father. He said I am making wooden utensils for you.

Ronit asked him, wooden utensils, but what for?

Utensils made from earth mat break very easily. So, when you get old and utensils fell down from your hand, then I have to shout at you several times. 

So, if you have wooden utensils, then they will not break easily. This is because I am making wooden utensils for you.

Ronit got shocked after hearing these words from his son and realized his mistake. From that day, Ronit stopped shouting at his father and drinking. Furthermore, then he treated his father with great respect. 

The carpenter was very sad that he learned a big lesson from his own son. He realized his duties and from that day he started telling a 2-3 minutes short story to Rocky on behalf of his grandfather. 

On the same token, the grandfather was very thankful to his grandson that he changed the life of his father. He realized him; how bad a father feels when his own child shouts at him.

Moral of the English story 3 minutes

This 3 minute short story is not imaginary. In this competitive world, such type of behavior is noticed in a majority of homes. So, it is suggested, no matter how big or successful you become, never forget the love and sacrifice of your parents. 

What you give to your parents, your child will give back to you. So, if you honor them, you will not suffer in your old age. 

I hope, this 3 minute story with moral, will bring a big change in your life and behavior. 

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