I am Poppyy

Hello Frienzzz, I am Poppyy First of all let me Introduce myself. I am a multi Talented Cartoon character Created, Invented and Introduced by 5AMpopUp Team at PrakshalSoftnet. I am first one of my Type as you have seen Cartoon Charaters in Comics, Funny Elements, Comedy Serials, Episodes but I can challenge you that you haven’t seen a Cartoon Character in Viral Contents…..

POPPYY HIMSELF..."I AM Poppyy" - 5AmPopUp[

That’s why My Team gave our Articles a New Name as “WTF…” Hahaha…. it’s not that what you mean its Full form is “Wicked Trending Fascinos”….  These WTFs are the Articles/Charticles written in Indo-Anglian tone as well as Me and my 5AMpopUp team is going to Publish this articles in a New and completely different style and that is My Style yes it is Poppyy’s Style and I Guarantee that you all are going to Love our Style……

Last but not least we have introduced a completely new concept that is Ask From Publicconcept… This concept is introduced and it is completely based on your reviews yes “Public Reviews” so If you have any Question, Any Interesting Facts, Any Thing Viral, Anything Funny…Or any Personal story Share it to us along with your Name and Details which you want us to Publish…. We will publish everything in My Style “Poppyy’s Style”….

You Can Say “Any Thing In your Mind”

 So Everything Is ready….. Platform Is ready….. 

5AMpopUp Team is ready….. 

And Of course Your Poppyy is ready…..

 So What your are waiting For Give Wings to your Creativity….



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