90’s Childhood Games V/s Our Present working life

90’s Childhood Games V/s Our Present working life
Hey guys a very good morning to you all this is RK Rohit and my dear friend Poppyy, we are back again with another WTF.
I know guys what first comes in your mind, but it is not that we are talking about because WTF means Wicked Trending Facinos. 

Here we will take you all in the 1990’s era where we play all those much loved and unforgettable games which are nowhere to be found in this era. 
Here, Me and Poppyy comparing our much-loved games with today’s life of the working people. 
 So lets check how our present life is utter most similar to those games.

Gilli – Danda

90’s Childhood Games V/s Our Present working life

1. Gilli – Danda...

This game is much loved by the numerous kids in India, and I think one of those could be you, my friend. ;-) While comparing it with our present working life I found that: 

 The gilli in this game is the employee (we all) of a company, and the boss of a company is playing the main role of danda.

The boss (DANDA) gives many offers to their employees (GILLI) by offering them the several incentives (it hits on the edge of the Gilli).

When gilli comes to the height (employee achieves the basic incentives), then the boss (DANDA) hit as hard as possible to achieve the target of his own by which he can able to achieve his goal.   


90’s Childhood Games V/s Our Present working life

2. Pidduu...

This game is popular among all the small kids and the teenagers as well. And girls also like to play this game. To play this game, we need the ball and seven stones.

As compare to the present working life, in the game Piddus are your target (Project Goal) , the ball is you (employee), and the thrower is the boss of the company. The boss will throw you as harder as he wants to destroy the target.

Lattoo (The Spinning Top) 

90’s Childhood Games V/s Our Present working life


3. Lattoo (The Spinning Top) 


Our all struggling professional life is like the lattoo just revolving and revolving and revolving……

Kancha (Marble game)


90’s Childhood Games V/s Our Present working life 

4. Kancha (Marbels)

All kanchas (marble) are like our co – workers we all works together and have a heartily friendly relation but for increments and bonuses we have to hit (compete) each other.   

Hard to digest but it is a fact.

Snake and Ladders

90’s Childhood Games V/s Our Present working life


5. Snake & Ladder


In this game ladder are the incentive, increments and bonuses whereas all the snakes are the superiors they give us ladders to achieve the goals. 

But, when we move towards the last stage these snakes bites us and put us back down, and the snakes take the whole credit.

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  1. yeah i really like the post and appreciate you for it.. good going keep it up.

  2. Great Going Rohit... Awesome Efforts.... Waiting for new one from you and Poppy


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