Negative But Interesting Facts About India With Pictures

Isn't something wrong with Our Country India? Here are top 18 Negative But Interesting Facts About India With Pictures and these are those facts about India that no one knows.India is my country and I have the right to think everything about India whether it is positive or negative and seriously I am worried about Our Country India.
Here are some Negative Information and Interesting Facts About India With Pictures#1  In Our Country "India" The one of the most important things to know about India is  At public places "Pissing" is a common act but "Kissing" is a part of scorns. "Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan"

#2 Hunger V/s TalktimeSatisfying your hunger will take away your income (Rice 40rs/kg) and talk time is distributed through free Sim Cards.

#3 What is Wrong with Indian Films? A talented Actor Denies shooting for the involvement of child labor. But an actress proudly dances in a party song having many children dancing for money in the background.


भगवान का अपमान किये बिना भी एक कामयाब फिल्म बनाई जा सकती है| Highest Grossing Indian Movies

Highest Grossing Indian Movies Article in Hindi भगवान का अपमान किये बिना भी एक कामयाब फिल्म बनाई जा सकती है| pk and Bahubali both are Good Hindi Movies to watch both are in the top list of Highest grossing Indian movies as well as there are lots more Indians movies are there but know the reasons which makes "Bahubali" a different movie.
  Highest Grossing Indian Movies But What's Wrong
बॉलीवुड फिल्म इंडस्ट्री की ऐसी दुनिया जो अपने बेशुमार रिकॉर्ड्स  के कारण बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध है| हर साल बॉलीवुड में कोई फिल्म बेहतरीन रिकॉर्ड बनाती  है| और कई ज्यादा उपलब्धियां हासिल करती है| अब बात दंगल की ले लो जो हर दिन कोई न कोई रिकॉर्ड्स तोड़ रही है, जिसने पूरी दुनिया में में अलग मुकाम हासिल किया है| और दूसरी तरफ एक और फिल्म जो बॉलीवुड का हिस्सा तो नहीं है लेकिन इस फिल्म ने मुकाम हासिल किया है जो आजतक किसी भी फिल्म ने नहीं  है|

 Bahubali Is Not Only A Good Hindi Movies To Watch बाहुबली फिल्म आने से ऐसी कई बाते है जो उन लोगो की सोच बदलकर रख दी है जिन्होंने अपनी फिल्म को कामयाब बनाने के लिए…

Ancient Indian Beliefs! Science and Interesting Facts To Talk About

Ancient Indian Beliefs! Their is a hidden Science and many Interesting Facts To Talk About ancient Indian culture and tradition. Here I am going to tell you top 17 hidden and interesting Facts of our Indian culture and tradition. Read Till end to know all.
#1 Ancient Indian Belief Regarding 'OM' Chanting the mantra 'Om' leads to significant reduction in heart rate which leads to a deep from of relaxation with increased alternative alertness.

Every Hindus household has a Tulsi plants. Tulsi or basil leaves when consumed, keeps our immune system strong to and also help prevent the H1N1 disease.

#3 The Ancient Indian culture 'KUMKUM BINDI' Women keep kumkum bindi on their forhead that protect from being hypnotized.

#4 Indian Culture and Tradition of 'SHANKH DHWANI' The 'Shankh Dhwani' , creates the sound waves by which many harmful germs, insects are destroyed. The mosquito breeding is also affected by Shankh blowing…

No! Hindi is not A National Language Of India

No! Hindi is not a National Language of India. Here in this post I am going to tell you the top 11 Reasons why Hindi is not a national language of India according to Indian constitution. Read it till end to reveal why Hindi is not obtained as official national language of India.

Here Are the Top 11 Reasons why Hindi is not a National Language of India
#1 Many people in India believe Hindi to be the official national language of India, which is legally and factually untrue according to Indian constitution
#2 Constitution of India doesn’t specify any National language of India in constitution.

#3 India is a diverse nation and has more than 1600 spoken languages.
#4 Of these, 22 languages have been given the status of official languages of states not for whole India.
#5 During the formation of India, Hindi and English become the official languages of the union for next 15 years; English to be removed later.
#6 And the states were allowed to choose their own official language.
#7 After 15 years, …

A Funny Incident Short Story Of A Son And Mother

Hello Frienzz, 
Here is my new short story for 3 Minute stories for storytellingThe train - It is A funny incident short story happened between a son and his mother. This story if for parents or adults only, I am writing this story to inform all parents that we should take care of our children, what they are learning? what our children doing or saying while playing??

It was a weather having all dark cloud gathered in the sky and there was strong thundering. Mother was working in the kitchen preparing the food for the dinner for night. His son was playing with the brand new electric train in the living room. A mother was continuously listening to her son playing with the train and saying new dialogues.

 The Train Stopped-A Funny Incident Short Story Of A Son And Mother Suddenly mother heard the train stop and the dialogues of the son.  He said, “All you being the son of the bitch get off the train right now and go to the hell, because it is my last stop and no more I will move”.  Also, “h…

The Story For Kids - A Donkey's Curse To The Lazy Girl

The curse of the donkey to the lazy girl, is a short donkey story for kids in which you will see that how the lazy girl was cursed by an innocent donkey. We hope that you will enjoy reading the story of donkey and learn a good moral in the end.

Long time ago, in a very small village named Bah, there lived a very old woman and her very lazy daughter. Whereas the old lady was very much hardworking and kind towards her work but her daughter was fully alternative.

The daughter was a lazy girl and selfish too. They too had a donkey with them on which they used to carry loads. One day the old lady said to her daughter “we should take full care of our innocent donkey” The daughter replied with full ego “Hah! The animals are there to serve us, not we all are there for them to serve”.

In the village there was a small pond that is filled up with the sweet and cool water at some distance from the house of the old lady. At every afternoon the old lady used to go to the pond to get the drinking …

The elephant and the rope - A Short Elephant Story For Kids

The elephant and the rope- A Short Elephant Story For Kids As I have promised you to be back with another short story in My Segment 3 Minute Stories For Storytelling, so I am back. Today I am presenting a Short Elephant story for Kids, it is a short story but I tried my best to keep it motivational and inspiring.

It is good for those who easily fail to put more attempts and easily give up in putting more efforts. They must read this Elephant story for kids and learn many things that can be helpful in their both personal as well as professional life. So read the interesting short story about elephants and the rope and see what happens in the end of my story.  

My Short Elephant Story For Kids
Once a while a man named Jennifer was passing through the dark forest, he saw a group of elephants and stopped their suddenly. He saw that these big and powerful elephant’s legs were tied with a small rope. He was confused to see it and thought “why the creatures are tied using a small thin rope …

Lesson for every son- Inspirational Moral Stories In English

Lesson for every son- Inspirational Moral Stories In English A Sweet Hello to all, here I am back with a new short story for you in My Segment 3 Minute Stories For Storytelling. Today I came back but not with a funny story . I am presenting a short emotional and Inspirational Moral story in English.

I am hundred percent sure that my story will be going to be one of the best inspirational stories in English with moral for all the son of their father as it is one of my best real life inspirational stories in English.

Continue reading it, and I am sure that when you reach till end reading the story, you will come to know about the strong bond is their in the relation of a father and a son.
My Short Inspirational Story With Moral In English- "A Lesson For Every Son"
On the eve of the Christmas, When I Was having my dinner in one of my Favorite Restaurant in my town I Saw A Handsome Guy looking well educated with his very old father came into the same restaurant for a dinner. Th…

3 Minute Stories For Storytelling - The Holy Snake and your Greed

3 Minute Stories For Storytelling - THE HOLY SNAKE Hello Friendz, First of all a big thanks for your love and comments on my previous 3 Minute Stories For Storytelling. I do write these inspirational moral stories in English as I know We all like to read and enjoy short and simple story telling in English in our free time, irrespective of our education level and our age.

These short story entertains us and teaches us the lesson as well. There are huge number of people spending time reading my 3 Minute Stories For Storytelling.

Here I have another interesting and incredible short story from my bag of inspirational moral stories in English, this one is about a holy snake and how greed can be dangerous for us. I hope you will enjoy reading my story.

A Inspirational Moral Story in English- How A Greed Can Be So Dangerous
Long ago, there named an old man Vassu; a poor farmer lived in a very small village with his family. He was very kind, generous and hard working person. Though he used to…

A Funny Incident Short Story| The Lawyer And The Woman

A Funny Incident Short Story| The Lawyer And The Woman  As I promised you to be back soon with a funny incident short story, so here I am with my new story in 3 minute stories for storytelling that will make you laugh harder. This is a short funny story in English of a lawyer and his interaction with a lady whom he met for the first time in the flight.  
The lawyer was trying to convince the lady to have fun until the journey gets over. But the lady was not ready to respond.

This is a short funny story in English so read it till end to know how lady reacted and what kind of chemistry was there in between those in the journey. I know you would definitely like it a lot so don't forget to leave your comments and read my more 3 minute stories for storytelling
 Read How A Lawyer Fooled Himself In this Funny Incident Short StoryLAWYER THOUGHT HE WON’T LEAVE THIS LADY ALL ALONE IN THE FLIGHT
It is a funny incident short story which starts with a lawyer and that woman who were seating ne…