3 Minute Short Story In English - Why Honesty is the First Chapter to Success?

3 Minute Short Story In English - Honesty is the First Chapter of Success

3 Minute Short Story In English - Honesty is the First Chapter to Success

Hey, you have heard various 3 Minute Short Story in English about honesty, but this one is unique from all. This 2 to 3 minutes Short story gives the moral, to be honest in every situation. The success you earn from dishonesty can make you happy but, that happiness is temporary. Furthermore, what is earned by dishonesty can never make you satisfied.

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English Story Telling 3 Minutes about Honesty

In this 2-3 minute short story, there was a poor fisherman named Shiva. He was poor but not dishonest. All of his villagers are impressed by his loyalty. Shiva lived in a small hut and wear simple clothes because he feels comfortable in them. 

He was popular among his friends and children love him very much because of his kind nature. The poor fisherman wakes up early and goes to the different rivers to catch fish. To earn his livelihood, he sells these fishes to a rich merchant.

Honesty Is the Best Policy - 3 Minutes Moral Story in English

He heard numerous 3 minute short story and believes in the proverb honesty is the best policy. So, whenever he sees something kept near the river, he returns it to his owner. For his loyalty and honesty, they give him the blessing to become successful in his profession.

Unluckily, one day he was catching fish with his fishing tackle and the tackle slipped out of his hands and fell into the river. The river was very deep and he only has 1 fishing tackle, so he got depressed badly. 

What Happened That Day - 3 Minute Story with Moral

How he will catch fish and earn his livelihood now? However, as it is said nothing bad happens with those who are honest and kind to others. The same happened with that poor fisherman. 

He prayed to God, to save him and his fishing tackle. Like him, the prayer was also loyal and consequently, God himself appeared for his help. Trust me, it isthe power of honesty and blessings he received from others.

Yes God Came That Day | 3 Minute Stories For Storytelling

God said, tell me son why are you crying and what is your problem? I promise I will try my best for you. After listening to these words, Shiva dried up his tears and explain the story to God. Meanwhile, who is he, where does he lives, why does he comes daily near the river etc. Then, God said let me find your tackle. Then he put his hands into the river and found a silver tackle. He happily said Shiva, I have solved your problem. However, the poor fisherman was very honest, he refused to take it. 

Like others, God was also got impressed by his honesty and continued his searching. This time God came up with a golden tackle. It is so good for a poor fisherman, but for Shiva, loyalty is more important than money. So, he said this is also not his tackle and to try once more.

God Rewarded Him for His Honesty | 3 Minute Story Telling In English

Finally, God came up with his tackle and he replied yes, this is mine. Thank you, for your support, now let me continue my work. The God smiled and rewarded him with all the fishing tackles. It was like a miracle for a poor fisherman, so he jumped with joy.

Moral- This 3 minute story in English proved, you will get pearls without asking but if you beg, you will receive nothing.

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