3 Minutes Story In English With Moral - Why to Be Kind and Wise?

3 Minutes Story In English With Moral 

3 Minutes Story In English With Moral - Why to Be Kind and Wise?

This is a 3 Minutes Story In English With Moral of a woman and her three sons (Ram, Shyam and Balram) and contains some violence. 

This short story gives the moral to help those also who have not been very kind to you.

Of those 3 sons, Ram and Shyam were very rich and handsome. Whereas, Balram was like a poor middle-class person. They both hate him because Balram looks like a common man. Due to this, his mother is also not ready to accept him. 

They are of the view that he doesn’t belong to their category. They give him small pieces of food and send him to take care of goats in the field.

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One day he started crying in the field and a wise woman asked him what he is weeping for? He replied, my mother and brothers, hate me because I look like a common man. Furthermore, they give me nothing to eat.

The wise woman said to dry up his tears and wisely listen to her. This idea will help you forever to earn your bread and butter. 

You are only required to say to your goat ‘if possible, give me some food and clothes. Immediately you will find a table with sufficient hot and delicious meal. After saying this, the wise woman went away.

3 Minute Short Story In English – What happed next

Now, Balram thought let me try this to get rid of my hunger. He said, little goat come and deck my pretty table. A table stood before him with different food items. 

He thanked God and finished his dinner quickly. Finally, he said, the little goat remove my table, and the table disappeared. 

In the afternoon, when he went home, he saw some pieces of food which his brothers left for him. However, he ignored them. 

When the brothers noticed that this happens daily, they said to each other there is something strange. May he get food somewhere else. So, they decided to notice his actions and routine.

3 Minute Story Telling In English – What Ram Did next day?

They planned that Ram will go with him to check where he get his food? So, the next morning Ram said, I will also go with you to check how our work is going on? 

However, Balram was poor but not stupid. He understood what is running in their mind. 

Unluckily Ram failed to understand what is the matter? So, it was decided that the next day Shyam will follow him. 

Shyam done his work smartly to understand how Balram gets his bread and butter. When they reached home, he shared everything with his mother and they said Balram to leave their house.

3 Minute Short Story – Be honest and kind to others

As you know, God always supports those who are honest and kind to others. The same happened with poor Balram. After seeing his hard work, a princess has taken him away with her to a palace. 

Now, Balram became the richest of all.

One day he saw 2 beggars at his palace and recognized they were his selfish brothers. However, rather than ignoring or fighting with them, he promised to take care of them. Consequently, the brothers felt guilty and cried a lot for their misbehavior.

So, remember no matter how bad the other treats you, always be kind to all. 

I Hope you all like, enjoy and learn from my 3 Minutes Story with Moral. 


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