A Funny Incident Short Story Of A Son And Mother

Hello Frienzz, 

Here is my new short story for 3 Minute stories for storytelling

The train - It is A funny incident short story happened between a son and his mother. This story if for parents or adults only, I am writing this story to inform all parents that we should take care of our children, what they are learning? what our children doing or saying while playing??

  It was a weather having all dark cloud gathered in the sky and there was strong thundering. Mother was working in the kitchen preparing the food for the dinner for night. His son was playing with the brand new electric train in the living room. A mother was continuously listening to her son playing with the train and saying new dialogues.

A Funny Incident Short Story Of A Son And Mother

 The Train Stopped-A Funny Incident Short Story Of A Son And Mother

Suddenly mother heard the train stop and the dialogues of the son. 
He said, “All you being the son of the bitch get off the train right now and go to the hell, because it is my last stop and no more I will move”. 
Also, “he said that all you being the son of the bitches who are coming back to the station to go to the destination get the asses into the train as we will be going down to the tracks”.

The angry mother went to her son and sent him into the living room and told to her son, 

“we never use such dirty language in our house”. 

Now get back to the room and be there and do your study for two hours. When you come out back to the living room, you can again start playing with your brand new electric train but following all good manners.

 The Second Funny incident of my short story

After two hours the son came back to the living room and start playing gain with his electric train. 

Soon the electric train stopped on the station and the angry mother heard her boy saying 

“All passengers of the train disembarking train, please make sure that you take all the belongings with you out from the train”. 

We give you sincere thanks to have a ride with us in our train and hope to ride with you soon again.

She was continuously listening to the dialogues of her son. 

The boy said “Those who are boarding to the train we ask you to place all your belongings under the seat. Make sure that you do not smoke or drink into train. We hope you to have pleasant and comfortable journey with us in our train".

Then he also added, 

“For all those pissed off about the delaying of two hours, just see the bitch working into the kitchen". 

Then what Can I Explain, the angry mother came out of the kitchen to the living room with a dark red face in full anger and blasted badly on her son and thrown her son into the bedroom for whole night.

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