A Funny Incident Short Story | The Lawyer And The Woman

A Funny Incident Short Story| The Lawyer And The Woman

A Funny Incident Short Story | The Lawyer And The Woman

 As I promised you to be back soon with a funny incident short story, so here I am with my new story in 3 minute stories for storytelling that will make you laugh harder. This is a short funny story in English of a lawyer and his interaction with a lady whom he met for the first time in the flight.  

The lawyer was trying to convince the lady to have fun until the journey gets over. But the lady was not ready to respond.

This is a short funny story in English so read it till end to know how lady reacted and what kind of chemistry was there in between those in the journey. I know you would definitely like it a lot so don't forget to leave your comments and read my more 3 minute stories for storytelling.
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 Read How A Lawyer Fooled Himself In this Funny Incident Short Story

It is a funny incident short story which starts with a lawyer and that woman who were seating next to one another in a flight from New York to Los Angeles. The lawyer asked the women is she interested in playing the game to have fun and enthusiasms during the entire journey.

However, the lady was so tired that she wanted to take a small nap to refresh herself. She politely declined and went to sleep. But the lawyer tried to convince her to play the game and explained the rules of the game.

He said that the game is so interesting and easy as well. He started explaining to her. He said “I will ask you the question of any type and if you are not able to answer it correctly, you will give me $5.00 and if I don’t know, so I will pay you money.

Again, the women decline and try to take a nap.

The lawyer now said, “Okay, Okay, if you are unable to answer me, you will pay me $5.00, and if I am unable to answer you, I would surly pay you $500.00.”

It catches the full attention of the women towards the game and lawyer. And finally, she agreed to play the game.

Here the game continues, the lawyer asked the question.
“What is the distance from the moon to the Sun?”
The woman was not able to answer and didn’t said any word. She just reached into her purse took out $5.00 and handed it to the lawyer.

“Okay”, said the happy lawyer and “It’s your turn”.
Now the woman asked to the lawyer that, “What is the thing that climbs up the hill only with three legs and comes down with the four legs?”

The lawyer was puzzled; he took out the laptop and Google it to find out the answer and also asked to his nearby passengers. He got frustrated and sent the email to his friends but didn’t receive any answer.

After taking one hour, he handed $500.00 to the women, and by the time, women have taken a good nap. :)

The woman replied “thank you”, and return back to sleep again.
The lawyer questioned again, "who is the little bit more miffed and wakes her again"
Without the single word, the woman gets into her purse and took out $5.00 and handed to the lawyer and again went to the sleep with the profit of $490 and Now the lawyer idn't even tried to wakeup her again.

Lawyer was just sitting all through the journey and was thinking how he fooled himself. :(

So I hope that you liked my funny incident short story. Also believes that you have enjoyed reading it and have laughed a lot with your friends or family.  If yes, I promise to be soon with more interesting and funny 3 minute stories for storytelling that makes you to laugh harder.

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