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3 Minute Stories For Storytelling - The Holy Snake and your Greed

3 Minute Stories For Storytelling - THE HOLY SNAKE Hello Friendz, First of all a big thanks for your love and comments on my previous 3 Minute Stories For Storytelling. I do write these inspirational moral stories in English as I know We all like to read and enjoy short and simple story telling in English in our free time, irrespective of our education level and our age.

These short story entertains us and teaches us the lesson as well. There are huge number of people spending time reading my 3 Minute Stories For Storytelling.

Here I have another interesting and incredible short story from my bag of inspirational moral stories in English, this one is about a holy snake and how greed can be dangerous for us. I hope you will enjoy reading my story.

A Inspirational Moral Story in English- How A Greed Can Be So Dangerous
Long ago, there named an old man Vassu; a poor farmer lived in a very small village with his family. He was very kind, generous and hard working person. Though he used to…

A Funny Incident Short Story| The Lawyer And The Woman

A Funny Incident Short Story| The Lawyer And The Woman  As I promised you to be back soon with a funny incident short story, so here I am with my new story in 3 minute stories for storytelling that will make you laugh harder. This is a short funny story in English of a lawyer and his interaction with a lady whom he met for the first time in the flight.  
The lawyer was trying to convince the lady to have fun until the journey gets over. But the lady was not ready to respond.

This is a short funny story in English so read it till end to know how lady reacted and what kind of chemistry was there in between those in the journey. I know you would definitely like it a lot so don't forget to leave your comments and read my more 3 minute stories for storytelling
 Read How A Lawyer Fooled Himself In this Funny Incident Short StoryLAWYER THOUGHT HE WON’T LEAVE THIS LADY ALL ALONE IN THE FLIGHT
It is a funny incident short story which starts with a lawyer and that woman who were seating ne…

A Sharp-Witted Crow | A Short Story Of A Mother's Love

A Sharp-Witted Crow | A Short Story Of A Mother's Love
On one of my previous 3 minute stories for storytelling I got a comment from one of my reader "Akshay" to write a short story on actions speak louder than words. Here I am trying my best to write a good short story in English to Answer your request.

This is a short story of a Mother's love and it is a good short story in English all about a sharp minded and a brilliant mother crow. This is a quite interesting story. Here you will know how the sharp minded crow has played a game in defending her eggs from the snake. I hope that you will enjoy reading the story as you enjoyed reading my previous story A Funny indecent short story.

A good short story in English on a sharp-witted crow Once upon a time in a dense forest there lived a mother crow with her children. Once due to the heavy rainfall the nest of the crow was collapse down from the tree and was destroyed fully.

The crow decided to find the safer place fo…

The Foolish Donkey Story- A Donkey And An Imaginary Rope

Hello Frienzzz,
A Bag Full of Thanks to all of you for giving so much love to my 3 Minute stories for Storytelling.
Here I am in front of you all with a short humorous story in English about The Foolish Donkey and an Imaginary rope.
How The Foolish Donkey Got Fooled By The Saint?Once in a small village, there lived an innocent potter with his family. He too had a donkey on which he used to carry the soil from the field everyday to his house. 
Since the field was very far away from his house, Everyday he use to take rest under a shady tree in midway.  He too ties his donkey with a rope nearby so that the donkey may not escape easily. But one day the potter had forgotten to carry the rope with him that he uses to tie the foolish donkey. When he reached to the shady tree far away from his house, he realized that he has forgotten to bring the rope with him and if he left the donkey free, the chances are there that donkey may ran away easily. 

He started thinking that “How should I tie the donke…

Short Stories With Twist - A Dangerous Helper

A Short Story With A Twist- Good bye mongoose "A dangerous helper"Hello Frienzzz,

This is short but an interesting story with a twist ending about how a helper becomes a dangerous helper at the end and how the two friends are willing to say goodbye to dangerous helper forever.  

Would you like to know that how a helper can turn to a very dangerous helper at the end? I hope that you all will enjoy this short story with a message. Once a while in a dark forest, a small lake was there fully filled up with sweet and cool water. All the animals of that forest used to go there for drinking the water and slake thirst. 

The water of this lake was so sweet and cool that there are too many fishes living in this small lake. 

In this lake, a crab too lives here with his best friend Swan. The beautiful white swan too lives on the same lake. Both the crab and Swan were happy with each other’s company. 

 First Twist Of The Short StoryHere comes the first twist of this funny short story when thei…

Article in Hindi-क्या है Wanna Cry Ransomware? क्या है इससे बचने के Tips?

This Article in Hindi is about Wannacry ransomware attack 2017 along with tips for protecting your computer from viruses.
क्या है Wanna Cry Virus Ransomware? क्या है इससे बचने के Tips?
This article in one of our best Article in Hindi about wannacry ransomware. 

Computer औरइंटरनेटकी जब से शुरूआतहुईहैतबसेलेकरअबतकहमारीदुनियाअबहरतरहसे Digital बनतीजारहीहै| हरजगहअबसारेकाम online हो गयाहै, हरकोईअब Digital world  कीतरफभागरहाहै|