Poppyy is Damn excited for upcoming I phone7

Poppyy is Damn excited for upcoming I phone7
Superb morning friends, so myself Poppyy am here to tell you that I am damn excited for the upcoming iPhone 7 and really going mad to buy this phone, this phone is a high-class phone, and there are many reasons due to which I am wishing to buy it. It is the most anticipated smartphone throughout the year. I am the big fan of Apple; the logo of the Apple is good enough to determine the class. In the entire world there are many people love I phones, and I am one of them, recently I came to know that Apple is launching the iPhone 7 and from that day I am just waiting for the launch of the phone.  I came to know that the phone will be launch in the month of September. 

Let me tell that why I am the big fan of I phone

 Iphone 7 is coming with very great and marvelous features.  All though the previous phones of Apple were also too good and thus I am wishing that I should get something more than the previous phones like 6s and 6s plus.  In this phone also the Apple is giving two variants' and both variants are best, and I am also confused in the terms that which phone I should buy. The two variants' of Apple iPhone 7 is I phone 7, and I phone 7 plus.  The iPhone 7 release date is in September, and the news is that it will arrive in this year.  Apple iPhone 7 is also coming with the great storage first time. The base model of iPhone 7 is coming with the storage of the 32 GB, and it is the huge space. Therefore I can store many kinds of data in it as I am the music lover and also crazy for the gaming because I am Poppyy, and love games and with the large storage, I can play any of the game from Apple store in my I-phone 7. 

Poppyy is Damn excited for upcoming I phone7


The great point for me is that I-phone 7 top variant is coming in 256 GB


Oh, yeah that's the shocking news for me and the entire world, the top model of i-Phone 7 coming with 256 GB. Yes you are right the top model is coming in 256 GB, so with this storage, I can explore anything which I want. I am a great lover of vacation and my father use to take our family every year for the vacation. There we use to have lots of fun and enjoyment, and we use to click pictures, recordings and many kinds of videos we use to make. You know what carrying the camera is massive issue but now it will not happen further because I will buy the top variant of I-phone 7 from it I can do the 4k recording, and the storage problem will also be solved. 

Last night I was searching for iPhone 5s price in India and iPhone 6


As I told you in the starting I am a great fan of Apple, iPhones, so I was having the view on the different price list of I phones. I also saw the price of iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 and one thing I had noticed from there the Apple also do care for the middle-class people and this phones were easily affordable. If you are iphone lover, then you can also buy the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 as they will give you the feel of Apple. While I had the view on price, I also saw the iPhone 7 price, and this was very attractive. The base model of ios 7 was of approx. 52,900 it was roughly price, the top variant is of approx. 70,900, and the base model of iPhone 7 is of approx.60, 900 and the top variant with 256 GB will come in approx.78, 900 in Indian currency and around $849 in US.

Poppyy is Damn excited for upcoming I phone7

Now is should tell you the best features of my favorite upcoming phone iPhone 7


The great iPhone 7 is coming with the smart connector and by the help of this connector I can connect a smart keyboard to my phone this seems to very amazing. The iPhone 7 is also coming with the ultimate slim design and I got the news from various websites that this phone will be slimmer than previous models. The Apple is providing 3.5 mm jack in it; there is one more news about I phone 7 plus and i.e. it is coming with the dual camera. The color variant will be deep blue and space black. Let me tell you the biggest change in Apple iPhone 7 and that is of RAM I had heard that Apple iPhone 7 has been launching with the 3 GB ram. This will make iphone 7 the best from the rest. 

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