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Short Stories With Twist - A Dangerous Helper

A Short Story With A Twist- Good bye mongoose "A dangerous helper"Hello Frienzzz,

This is short but an interesting story with a twist ending about how a helper becomes a dangerous helper at the end and how the two friends are willing to say goodbye to dangerous helper forever.  

Would you like to know that how a helper can turn to a very dangerous helper at the end? I hope that you all will enjoy this short story with a message. Once a while in a dark forest, a small lake was there fully filled up with sweet and cool water. All the animals of that forest used to go there for drinking the water and slake thirst. 

The water of this lake was so sweet and cool that there are too many fishes living in this small lake. 

In this lake, a crab too lives here with his best friend Swan. The beautiful white swan too lives on the same lake. Both the crab and Swan were happy with each other’s company. 

 First Twist Of The Short StoryHere comes the first twist of this funny short story when thei…