who is responsible for the rape culture in India: law and order or society?

rape statistics in india, our constitution, save girl poster
“Women Are Not Sex Toys”- This article in not just a piece of Writing…..It’s a request…… 1st of all to our Society then to Our Constitution…..


We are expert in blame game but………………..

Hey, this is your friend “Poppy” and I am here to talk to you all and to our constitution about the increasing cases of rape in our country please check the rape statistics in India…….. I am angry same as you all……..I want justice for all victims…………I want to convey my thoughts about rape……

 As rape is always being a matter of debate and especially in our country India, it is a violent crime and many women are the victim of this crime. When anything happen likes this, we as a citizen protest as we want justice for the rape victim and continuously keep on blaming our police department and the laws made by our constitution. 

Well, I agree with the fact that strict laws are required for crime like rape as it will not only physically molest the victim but they also become mentally disturbed. Rape is a very serious crime and especially in our country where the virginity and dignity of a girl is the top most priority for herself and for their parents.  

rape statistics in india, our constitution, save girl poster

We are expert in blame game but………………..

Is only our country police and constitution is responsible for the safety of women?

Do we guys have no responsibility towards the women safety?

Do you ever think that our society is directly and indirectly somehow responsible for such crimes?

All the time when such cases happens we guys have a candle march and show sympathy to the rape victim. But let me tell you that it is not enough as the victim do not need sympathy; she needs support, respect and acceptance from society.

 According to one most visited website, the rape victims were not only face physical molestation but it will also affect their mental health. Besides this, sexual violence leads to suicides and depression:

  •  94% of the rape victims experience post –traumatic stress due to physical and sexual violence.
  • 13% women commit suicide because of this crime and society discrimination also makes them to take such steps.
  • There are many cases in our country where the rape cases are not file by the victim or her family as they have a fear of society discrimination and the rape victim will not get married.
  • All in one, 70% rape victim have moderate to severe stress. 

rape statistics in india, our constitution, save girl poster

So you see, besides physical torture they also have to face metal torture from our society. They have a fear that if the whole society came to know about their daughter/sister rape then she will definitely loses her dignity plus no one will ever marry her. 

Well, Is it really not strange that the victim will not be getting married because she had been raped?

 Let me ask you one thing, if you are walking on a street and any random dog bite you, do you feel ashamed or lose your dignity?

 The answer is definitely no so why in the case of rape; victim looses her dignity as the convict is nothing but a random dong lurking on the street. Society needs to understand that rape is a serious crime and our society should not be considering rape victims filth………. So, this is all about our society, now let’s talk about our constitution. 

rape statistics in india, our constitution, save girl poster

In India, there are numerous cases of rape in court and judiciary system takes years to punish the convict, criminals keep on wandering and the place they belong are still empty……… In one word our justice system is a joke for such criminals and it will give encouragement to such bullshit minded people. The laws are not strict and due to which this crime is increasing. 

You will be surprised to know that counties like China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Egypt and Iran have death penalty for the convict who commits serious crime like rape and I know you guys also have idea about it as you see various post on popular blog and social networking site. 

But do you know that these countries sexual assault rate is critically low?

These countries have only one punishment for rape and that is death penalty. The convict in these countries are punished by either court, family members of the victim and by the citizens of the country. Due to such strict punishment the rate of rape in these countries are very low as compared to those countries which do not have such strict law. 

So, seeing this, I strongly believe that our laws regarding rape punishment should be strict so that those bullshit people will be afraid of to assault women and stop considering a woman as sex material……. 

rape statistics in india, our constitution, save girl poster

Did you know that men are also the victim of rape?

Women are not only the victim of rape as many boys and men also face sexual assault and rape.

  • According to one survey, in America 1 out of 3 men get raped in their life time.
  • Besides this, you will be surprised to know among 1 out of 10 rape victims, that 1 person is a man. 

So, you guys see that in our society there are some very cheap people who commit such serious crime like rape and they didn’t spare any one: whether it is male, female or even small children.  We all need to work together i.e. Judiciary system and society in order to cut off the roots of this crime and create a safe environment for the citizens of our country.

That’s all…. We Want Justice…………. A Really Strict Rule….. Same as Frying in Hot Oil…..

 So Frienzzzz Keep Replying Keep commenting... Make My effort as a big effort... help me making it a Revolution... Come with me come together.....

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  1. Seriously those criminals must be hanged to death.....

  2. Seriously those criminals must be hanged to death.....

  3. Good message conveyed... Good going pooja di

  4. I just wana ask a question to all. Every one is asking to hang those rapist. I also want that the rapist must be hanged but Did we ever tried to work on this issue? What we do is only blame the government and protests for tha rapist to be hanged. Do we tried to stop the crime when when its happening in front of us. No.... What we do is just watch like a coward and make comments on that.... So guys stop commenting and making thoughts about crime like rape and start working on how to stop and reduce tha increasing chart of rape in india....... Agar ham acche rahenge to aisa kuch hoga hi nai jispe hame comment ya article likhna pare.... Soo let's unite and help all the girls to live free...

    1. Hello Brij Thanks for commenting..... I know Hanging is not Enough... That's why we want to make a revolution.... A revolution to change our Society as well as our constitution.....

      Well We will publish article along with your name on the points you suggested in your comment....

      We want persons like you to be with us for succeeding our revolution....

  5. As I told to Vishal same here..... Without Promotion no one will go and buy even Audi.... If you want more trafic then you have to make it like the Add of Fogg... "Kya Chal raha hai??? then Answer should be Poppyy chal raha hai......"


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