Heroes of Freedom – Forgotten Women Freedom Fighters Of India

Heroes of Freedom – Forgotten Women Freedom FightersOf India

  Vande Matram….. A Article Dedicated To My and Our Female Heroes…. 

"The Forgotten Women Freedom Fighters Of India”

Khoob Ladi Mardani Vo to……….. Waali Feeling is in My heart…. A Salute and a tribute to all those Brave Ladies who were our freedom fighters

A heartily good morning to all my friends and how you all are, Are you feeling patriotic today????....

Today when I am publishing this article the date is 15 august 2016 and as we all know that today is our Independence Day, it’s very great day for our nation as we got the freedom from the British rule where women freedom fighters of India has played a vital role.

Yeah I do know that patriotic feeling is coming inside in your heart and it is in my heart too. The problem is that we know about few freedom fighters only. There are lots of freedom fighter who are been disappeared from the history pages but they had really sacrificed their whole life for the freedom of country. They were the real hero’s of our Independence.

Those women freedom fighters of India deserves the same respect as the Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh.

Today I will let you know some disappeared women freedom fighter of India….

Who sacrificed everything in getting the freedom of India but didn’t got any reward from us till now, we don’t even remember them…... 

The brave and great lady --- Matangini Hazra

Hazra she was the lady who was the part of quit India movement. She was also involved in the non-cooperation movement. Once a procession was being on and there the Hazra was been shot three times, but then also she continued the shouting of “Vande Mataram” and holding flag in her hand.....A Salute to this women freedom fighter of India.

Another freedom fighter ---Begum Hazrat Mahal

Heroes of Freedom – Forgotten Women Freedom FightersOf India

She played a vital role in the Indian rebellion and the year was 1857. Her husband was been exiled and after that she took the charge of Awadh and taken all the controls to the lucknow in the period of rebellion. Later she retreat to Nepal and there she was died....

 Aruna Asaf ali---Lead Role Player Of Independence

Heroes of Freedom – Forgotten Women Freedom FightersOf India

 This lady was 33 years old and she gained the prominence as the Indian national flag was been hosted by her during the Quit India movement at gowalia tank maidan which is in Bombay in the year, 1942.....

 Bhikaji Cama---Know what She Did For us...

Heroes of Freedom – Forgotten Women Freedom FightersOf India

There are several number of roads which are been named of her name in the entire nation. There are very few people who know what she did for the independence of country as a women freedom fighter of India. She was a great part of the freedom movement. The biggest achievement was she unfurled the flag of India at the international conference of socialist which was held in Germany in year, 1907..... 

TaraRani Shrivastava -- fought for freedom with her husband

Heroes of Freedom – Forgotten Women Freedom FightersOf India

She was the lady who led the procession with her husband in front of Siwan Police station. Husband was shot then, she bandaged all the wound and she kept on moving forward. The time when she returned her husband was died but after this also she kept the flag of country much higher.
It was my little effort to let you know about the hidden women freedom fighters of India and their great sacrifice for Us.  I hope you will like and do not forget to give your valuable suggestions stay tuned to Poppyy’s diary. “VANDE MATRAM”.

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