Poppyy is here with the great update from Rio Olympic

Poppyy is here with the great update from Rio Olympic
Hello, friends, very morning to all as I am back once again and today I am here with the most trending topic of the world and that is Rio Olympic. Let me tell you about the great ladies who had been won the medals for the country and thus we all should have the view on their struggle as they are the pride of our nation.

The silver medal winning lady PV sindhu

 At the first I will tell you about the PV sindhu, she is the second lady who had won the medal in the Rio de Janeiro. This lady is the pride of the country as she had won the silver medal in the singles badminton match. She settled for the silver medal after an interesting match. She is the great lady who had carried the head of the country high.  The achievement is remarkable as it was her first Olympic game. The silver medal is the biggest prize for India in badminton as in the past the best was bronze medal which was won by the saina nehwal in London Olympic. The young talent like Pv  sindhu should get the best encouragement so as they can do much more further in future.

The first women in Rio Olympic who had won the medal for nation

The gritty women wrestler and she is Sakshi malik. She is the lady who ended the painful wait for the first medal in Rio Olympic. Sakshi Malik conquers the bronze medal in the category of 58kg women wrestling. She got the sensational victory in just the dying seconds of the match and this lady won the bronze medal for the country, and this is a very big achievement.

I am the Poppyy and I am the great lover of the sports and since the last days I was viewing the different games of Rio Olympic, and there I saw many different matches. I noticed one thing that there are many Indian players who had not done that much which was expected by them. At the same time women’s are doing very great and because of their effort, two medals are there on the account of India. These girls should get the proper respect as they had done a great job in Rio Olympic.

The problem which should be solved for the athlete in India 

Our country is filled with the politics, and there are many sports player who cannot increase further because of the politics. If we talk about the cricket, all the players get the heavy salary in millions. In our country, Cricket is the game which is above from all. This is unfair for another athlete of the country, this is the major reason by which we are not able to collect a lot of medals in Olympic. If we will have the view on the background of the players who are playing in the Olympic than there are maximum players who are economically weak and no extra effort are being taken by the government to support them or to improve their game. This stuff should be removed from the country, so further more players can give their best on the international platform of games.

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