RK Rohit and Poppyy’s point of view on the Dowry system of India

RK Rohit and Poppyy’s point of view on the Dowry system of India
Hello, friends, this is RK Rohit and Poppyy a warm good morning to you all my dear friends. We are here with another popup and this time we will talk about the dowry system in India. There are many of the families in all over the India which only suffer due to the dowry. And the most effected person of this dowry is the girls and also the poor families of the India.
So let’s begin guys here we are and this time, we will tell you how people can prevent from the dowry or how the rate of the dowry will be reduced in India. Because this is the just things which have to be sought out as soon as possible and in near future, no one will have to suffer only because of the dowry

    1.       Dowry Prohibition Act 1961

This act is made by the government of India in the year 1961 on 20th May. But this act was enforced on July 1st, 1961. Except the Jammu Kashmir this act is extended in all over the India. But when Poppyy and I made a report on this act we have seen that this act is failed, and the people are still demanding the dowry just because in this act the people just have to pay the fine of Rs. 5000/- or go to the jail for six months and it doesn’t happen.
The reason behind this is that the Indian government is not strict, and the Indian government are “NOT THE MAN OF THEIR WORDS”. The only say things, but they never implement the acts which they made. So we are eagerly waiting for the time when our government will become strong like the government of other countries.

2    2.       Non – governmental measures to put an end to the dowry tradition

Exceptional efforts are to be prepared by every institution for motivating the people to act for the efficient performance of the governmental measure to battle the threat of dowry system from Indian society. Therefore none- governmental measures are also necessary to put an end to the dowry system.

       3.       half-truths and the publicity                    against the dowry

 Latest media like the T.V, Radio, movies,  newspapers and the internet have to make party  line against the dowry practice by initiation an assortment of anti-dowry practice, by initiation a variety of anti-dowry programs for convincing people that the practice of dowry is not only against the law, but it is also dishonourable. Social awareness about the ill effects of the dowry system needs to be aroused.

4    4.  Demand to the optimism of the Youth

Youths and the young generation is the only ray of hope to fight efficiently the threat of the dowry system. They ought to be given an ethical value based education to make wider their minds and extend their viewpoint. They have to be encouraged to take inventiveness towards its genuine ending by refusing dowry for the marriage ceremony.
Moreover, women are obliged to be known professional education to disseminate the discrimination of the sexes. They have to take the pledge to refuse those boys who ask for a dowry to get married to them.

      5.       Role of voluntary society:

The roles of voluntary society in this observe is very important. They have to come forward to work for the ending of the dowry system. They must make the party line, not for the evils of the dowry. The workforce of these organizations must help the sufferers of the dowry harassment and search out them justice. These societies have to make alert of their address to the people all the way through advertisement so that sufferers can request them for their help to get the justice.

      6.   Support of Inter- Caste and Inter –        religion wedding

Inter-cast and inter – religion marriage have tobe encouraged in the Indian society. So that young generation and the youths would get an extensive variety of choice in finding the right companion for their marriage. It is very easy mean for the girls to find out of the cruel circles of the dowry system.
Dowry practice is irreligious and devoid of moral values. It has spoiled the Indian married system. It has prepared a few youthful women to stay as spinsters. It is the elevated time that it has to be stopped. As we all know that it is not the easy task. We as the people of India, marching on the road to the fresh millennium have to make every effort for the discontinuation of this wickedness practice.
Social and ethical awareness of the individuals, education and the monetary self-determination of the women, support for inter – caste and inter religion wedding efficiently enforcement of the legislation against the dowry system, entire hearted work of a variety of the Voluntary organization, public wedding, initiation of the young generations and the youth actions against the dowry system is some of the methods of arguing against this practice. 

The ending of dowry practice will make improved and better society for all the peoples of the India.
That’s solve guys if people will really implement this in their life then it will really work for the girls and the victims of the dowry practices. So friend this was RK Rohit and Poppyy and this is our point of view on the dowry system. That’s all for today for more updates stay tuned with Rk Rohit, Poppyy and with the 5AM PopUp Team. Thank you guys have a wonderful day.


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