Spookiest haunted objects all over the world- a mysterious update in Poppyy’s Diary

Spookiest haunted objects all over the world- a mysterious update in Poppyy’s DiaryHello all....!!! A very Spooky morning to all from Poppyy....!!! 
Horror stories and haunted objects are something that attracts most people. Even if these are too scary, people still like to read and experience the spine chilling scary experiences. So today I update my dairy about the most famous haunted objects from across the world.   

The Dybukk Box    

 A simple and stylish wine cabinet; this is reputed as one of the most terrorizing home for a demonic entity. The name of this box is kept after the name of this entity, the Dybukk which is the evil spirit that resides in this wine box. The contents of this box could actually surprise anyone because they are associated with darkness and evil happenings. It contained locks of hair that were bound with cords, wine goblet in golden shade, the coins belonging to 1920, small statue, candle holder, and a dried bud of rose. This box caught lots of attention when a person auctioned it on a popular selling site stating that the possession of the box is causing strange happenings around.

The Annabelle doll

Almost all are aware of the conjuring movie series and have heard the name of this doll. The initial incidents happened when the doll terrorized a group of some nursing students. For investigation the famous paranormal experts were called and concluded that it was demonic entity and was taken away after the exorcism. This haunted doll could be seen at the Occult Museum created by the investigators.

The painting “the hands resist him”

 This is said to be a very notorious painting because of the spooky feelings it brings to the mind of the person who sees it. There is a doll like girl standing with young boy in front of dark window and there are disembodied hands which are seen. The entire painting looks really mysterious and chills the bones just by looking at it. This painting named “the hands that resist him” was sold recently through auctioning at eBay and the objects present in painting happen to move around.  

Chair of death

 The legend is said that this chair is not good and brings bad luck for anyone who sits in it. People fear sitting in it since the chair is said to kill all those who try this. The chair is deadly and some claim to have seen ghosts walking where the chair was kept since it belonged to a spirit names Amelia. Some say that when this spirit is around, a very spooky blue mist appears and then anyone who dares to sit in chair is sure to die. Four people actually tried to sit in this, just for proving that this whole belief was nothing but superstition, but soon they all were dead.

Robert "The Spooky Doll"

This is that doll which has given terrific nightmares to several people. Most people find this doll cute, but the reality is terrifying once it is heard.  The doll, dressed in white sailor suit, and carries a stuffed lion in its hand. Named after its owner, the doll terrified him and the objects around the doll would appear and disappear. The mystery increased and now this doll is locked up so that no one could even try reaching it.

So after sharing so many Spooky stories, I am sure most of you would be scared since these are not just stories and are true to the very core. Share with me any story or incident that happened with you and scared you!   

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