Stop Rape Part -3 – Another Stupid Reason To Blame Girls For Rape

Stop Rape Part -3 – Another Stupid Reason To Blame Girls For Rape
Stop Rape Part-3
Hello, guys and a very heartily good morning from Poppyy, after getting massive response on our previous efforts to step forward our revolution “ STOP RAPE Part -1” and “STOPRAPE Part-2”.

 In our previous PopUp against rape and rapist, we talked about the reasons which are responsible for rape and on that popup we got a comment from one of our reader who said that the main cause of rape is being illiterate and being uneducated. Do you all agree with it?????

 Well I am not, that’s why that comment made me think about it and after doing some research also, I have got a conclusion and here it is….. Read it and Plzz tell me am I right or wrong?

  In our country India, rape is just a four letter word for many people and especially for the convict but for a rape victim, it is his/her most frightening nightmare. We keep on blaming each other for such crimes, but we forget that we all are somehow responsible for this. In our country where women and a girl are considered goddess but no one is concerned about their dignity and respect.

Our country is male dominant, and there are still many people for whom a woman is only a child bearing machine who does not have any right in any decision making.

Besides this, many people think that illiteracy is the main cause of rape. Isn’t it??????

 Whereas some believes that it is because of the modern dress up of girls……..

Do you agree with these reasons??? I am not……….

Just like that everyone has their list of opinion and reasons for rape. But let me clear you that neither illiteracy nor the women modern dress up are the cause of rape, it is just because of the cheap mentality of many people who think that women are just meant for sex…

Is this gives them right to do anything with the girls?

Besides this in our country, many of us even don’t know the right definition of rape as rape means making physical relationship forcefully without the consent of a person, and here we didn’t consider marriage rape as a rape because it is the personal matter of a couple and because they are married, her husband has a right to molest his wife physically.

Stop Rape Part-3

When talking about rape, we forget that married women also get raped, and the rapist is no one but her husband. How strange is that the person who vows to take care of her becomes the reason of her sorrow as her dignity is snatched by her husband?
According to a survey, around 33% of married women get raped by their husband, and it is known as marital rape.

So, all those people who commit rape are illiterate, or are they uneducated?

The answer is no as according to statics Kerala is the most literate sate and the rate of rape in that state are high. So, for those who think that rape is because of illiteracy, then they need to think again. If a person is not; literate, this doesn’t mean that he got a right to molest women.

Literacy and ethics are complementary but at the same time, they are also different. It is true that literacy is important for the moral development of person, but it doesn’t mean that every literate person has moral value. If this is so, then no women get molest and abused in their office or working place. 

For respecting women, one need not be literate but should be cultured. Our parents and family members are our first teacher, and all these things started from our house and our society. Every boy should be taught to be kind and respectful to each and every girl and women; they should be taught that respecting women it their priority towards them, if they see any women alone than that women is their responsibility, and they are not an opportunity. They should be taught that women are not for bearing children and for sex, but they have equal right in a family and family decisions. They are humans just like men and boys and not a thing; they are your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, and a friend.

Stop Rape Part-3
One should stop finding excuses which hide the main reason of rape as there is one cause of rape and that is their cheap thinking, it neither because of illiteracy, nor cloths. It is only because of double standards and cheap thinking.

Women are humans, they have a right to anywhere at any time, they have a right to wear whatever they want; they have equal rights to men because the freedom rules are not different for women. It is a humble request that respects each and every woman. When men start respecting women than that day rape will be stopped.

So, this is all about today’s popup…….keep on reading and sharing guys and makes this a big revolution……take a step with us towards safeguarding our sisters and daughters……. Thank u!

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