Stop Rape Part-2- Poppyy Got some reasons for Rape and some possible solutions to cut this crime


"Stop Rape Part 2"

Here’s another one towards our Revolution against “Rape”….. Keep reading Keep commenting give fire to our Revolution……

Rape- The word is heard or read somewhere and a strange emotion gets evoked in our hearts. Some talk about this topic, and others resent the word itself. In the last update, I had asked myself and my viewers, 

Who is responsible for rape culture in our country? Our Society or Our Constitution….. 

Today sitting here with my pen and diary, I think I need to write about all the reasons which provoke the happening of rapes. Blame game can go on forever and that is indeed of no help to anyone, neither the society nor the victims. The rape culture is not a new thing; it has been prevalent in the world since centuries. But the recent years had seen a rise in such cases, especially in India.  

What could be the possible reasons for rape

The narrow minds would not even wait for a second and say the clothes, behavior, attitude and character of the women…….  But in reality the person who needs to be blamed is the rapist only and not the other person.  Before taking a look on the reasons that cause rape, we need to know that males are equally vulnerable to the situations of being raped. Yes, this is uncommon in India but in many parts of the world, men get raped, and sometimes by the people of the same gender. 

So when we say rape, it’s about the females and males both, but the problem has to be addressed in equal intensity for both. 

Some Major reasons why rapes happen

  • The first and most important reason is the urge to dominate. …… The Indian society has always been patriarchal and most males are taught in their childhood that the females of the house need to be controlled…… There is a quote, “Women are considered fragile, but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego”.  And this quote holds true for rape culture in India. 

  • The second yet a prominent reason are that, women are taught to be docile. They are taught to remain submissive and never say “no” to anything. They are expected to remain silent and respect and obey the decisions that are imposed on them by the males and take it as command. That’s why, when a women gets raped, most of them had adapted to this submissive nature and never dare to protest for the injustice.  

  • The society does not bother when a man walks around freely after raping, but they expect the female to live a life of humiliation and pity if she gets raped. This furthers gives the rapist a chance because he knows that he would face less humiliation as compared to the victim and the society would not blame him but the victim.

  • Aggression on the part of the attacker. Males in India are taught since childhood to be aggressive, angry and dominating and are not allowed to show emotions.  This is something that becomes a big wall of ego in their own minds and then they are unable to control themselves if someone tries to correct them. They need power, they have the urge to control due to the silly things they are taught and have seen in their household since they were kids. 

  • The objectification of females as sexual objects is one reason that leads to rape. The women are always stereotyped and are expected to remain submissive regardless of the situation. When a women tries to live her life the way she wishes to, the males get offended and want to teach her a lesson for not being submissive. 

  • Lack of appropriate punishments is definitely the biggest contributor for rapes in India. If there were strict and brutal laws for rapists then no one would have dared to even think of raping women.

Now that we had seen what the most obvious reasons for rapes are, let us see a few things that could help and prevent the happening of rapes:

The women must always trust there gut, the conscience never lies. When you feel that the presence of a person is disturbing you, or his behavior or his look does not feel right, get away from him and the place ASAP! Some people put questions if the self defense could safeguard women from such attacks; the absolute answer is a big “YES”.  Just a few sensible tricks and moves can keep you safe from danger. 

The society must not blame the looks, or clothes of the females, they need to teach boys that it is there duty to respect everyone, regardless of his/her gender. The childhood is that period when something that’s infused in the mind, remains there for the coming years. That’s why; the parents must make sure that they educate their kids at a level that they do not end up committing such offense when they grow. 

 The media must cover the topics of assaults and rapes very sensibly, without blaming the person who was raped. The laws are the biggest thing that needs to be uplifted in our country, so that anyone could not dare to commit such a brutal crime.  India has the Anti rape bill but even then the laws are not appropriate and the justice is denied.  

There are few countries that offer the most brutal and severe punishments for rape and the statistics of such countries show that people fear the consequences that lead to lesser number of rapes. Such countries include Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Iran, and Afghanistan which have less statistics of rape cases.

We don’t know when the laws will be improved, but till then the society should stand together and fight against it by working on simpler levels, like proper sex education, proper and respectful behavior on part of the males, stopping objectification, and helping women to raise voice.  

The Nirbhaya case in 2012 shows that the person should be called a “Fighter” and not a victim; this is the simplest thing that could create a big change and get the required respect for women. 

After sharing with you, the possible reasons and preventionsss for rape, 
I would like to hear from all of you, as to what you think are the possible reasons for Rape.
Let’s join hands, let’s discuss what’s in our hearts on this sensitive topic and then make a revolution to cut this offense from its roots!................. 

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