Wanna earn money online - Learn from Poppyy

Wanna earn money online - Learn from Poppyy
Hello there, this is Poppy and I hope you are enjoying our entertaining and informative post. Well, my today’s post is a kind of different as it is about making money. Yeah, I know this word brings smile on our faces, and we keep on finding our ways of earring it…….. But as we know it is not that easy and short cut ways are not the right way of earning it. So, I have decided to tell you the most effective ways of earning money online and yes they are not the short cut ways, but you can say that it is quit the easiest one.

With the power of the internet and yes with the help of our favorite Goggle uncle we can find anything, even we can find God on it….hahahaha….just joking. But it is true that you can find many ways on online for earning money and here in it you will be going to know about the different ways of earning money online. So, let’s start and find out how you can make money on it.

1. Freelance writing

Freelance writing or in other words content writing is the most popular way thorough which you can earn quite good money but for it, you should build your portfolio, resume blah…blah…blah! And should be interested in writing…..I am sure you know that! And if you are not interested then this is not for you and you should take another road. So, let’s get back to the track…..this job required dedication, creativity and yes good English. So, if you have all the three qualities then go for this.  And for your ease here are some of the websites names which are a good starting point for you:
  •     Listverse
  •     Toptenz
  •      A list apart
  •       International Living

For further more information you can research earn money online and knows more about it.

     2.  Virtual assistance

Well, I thing you guys know about virtual assistance as it likes as real assistance who work online for others but without having any physical presence. It includes job like counseling, writing & proofreading, publishing content, coding, website designing, etc. And for better start here are some companies where you can work as a virtual assistance:
  •          HireMyMom
  •          MyTasker
  •          Virtual
  •          123employee

Besides this, you can find more about it on internet by searching earn money online and learn some important things about it.

       3. YouTube channel

If you love traveling, shooting videos, dancing, singing or anything which can entertain people, then you should earn money from YouTube. Just upload your videos on it and you will become the partner of YouTube. After that, you’re every view you will earn money as YouTube will pay for your videos view. And the most important thing about it is that your one viral video will make you famous and yes rich! So don’t feel shy and show off your talent.

      4.  Sell photos online

We all have Smartphone buy how many of you know that you can make money from it? Well, yes it is true; you can make money from your Smartphone. You can capture amazing and beautiful pictures of nature, people, places, dishes, home, etc. and just sell them online. There are many people who love beautiful pictures and ready to pay for it and most amazing thing it is the easiest work. And another thing, you don’t need to be a talent photographer as nature and other things are in itself are very beautiful and with the basics of photography you can capture amazing pics…….so go for it and make money.

     5.   Blogging

The most popular way of making money online as the most straight forward way of making money online. All you need is an idea, good writing skills and with a good topic, you gonna rock the world. You will be surprised to know that blogging is the most considerable way of making money online, and many bloggers make huge money from blogging. But there is another thing about blogging and i.e. when you will create a blog; you will need patients and dedications as building your blog is not that easy, and you will need to be persistence in it. But yes, if it works trust me you will become rich.

So, this is all about making money online….I hope you liked this and guys keep on sharing and commenting our post!.......see yaa in our next article!

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