A GIRL'S ATTIRE: How Dare You To Decide....???

A GIRL'S ATTIRE: How Dare You To Decide....???
Stop Rape Part-5 

"Poppyy's PopUp No. 5 Against Rape"

"One More Article In Continuation To Our Revolutions Against Rape"
Universally, it is a well known fact that kids look stunningly cute and adorable with whatever they are made to wear. Their flashy short and long dresses make them appear seriously eyes-popping at any event. Then there comes a stage where we want our grown up babies to wear what best suites their respective personalities. Then teenage comes and the 'difference' finds its unique place.

It is soul-piercing to know that existence of a rape is linked to a girl's attire. Everytime I see someone doing the same pulls me down into the depths of somewhat contorted, twisted and malignant thinking. We have got no rights to proportionate a girl's outfit directly or indirectly to the evilness lies in the hungry, lustful and cheap desires of a rapist. And like every creature, girls too reach their peak with respect to various parameters like beauty, style and elegance. Hence they've got all the freedom and rights to wear what best suit their moods. Ironical is also a fact that staying out late away from home causes differences even if girls do it on purpose with all the good and positive reasons.

In a certain sense, only girls make various markets happening and make them bloom with glamour. They go to a random place/outlet, shop till they empty the shelves and come back with all the big smiles that last on their faces till their next shopping schedule is due. Trust me, a well-endowed physique is never responsible for an incident as heinous as rape. It is in fact committed by those who don't have the quality to respect a girl, make her smile and accept her as their better-halves.  Unfortunate are statements too that are made by morons everytime a girl's modesty is challenged.

A girl can best decide how to flaunt herself nicely on various platforms. Besides her, she has her parents, friends, relatives, boyfriend, social networks and a whole different world of decision makers. A third person's got no role at all.

A few days ago, this point was beautifully communicated by Mr. Amitabh Bacchan when he wrote a letter to his grandchildren. "The length of the skirt can never be a parameter to judge a girl's character" is what was handsomely delivered by the legendary actor that caught everyone's eyes. The problem lies is perhaps, in the acceptance of age. Every male must acquire a simple quality of respecting an opposite sex as an infant, toddler, adolescent, teenager, a grown up girl, a woman, so on and so forth categorically.

The spectacle of one's perspective must be cleaned with good, light, noble and positive thoughts every now and again. As soon as our society starts doing it, we will sure start giving the other half of mankind a confident, cheerful, carefree and threat-free environment to make them smile & laugh effortlessly that will leave them all proud of their neighbors, classmates, relatives, acquaintances and everybody else surrounding their world. 

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