Modern Relationships: Too Fragile To Last Long

Modern Relationships: Too Fragile To Last Long
Relationships are made and meant to be respected not because a person feels entrapped but simply because they make him responsible, loved and alive. But modern relationships are constantly crawling and drifting away from factors like care, respect, wait, love and trust. A confusion is more than enough to separate and throw any two love birds wide apart.

Time changes and we with time. But has time really asked us to modify and nullify our relationships in the non-caring manner is an interesting, intensive and a sensitive question. The underlying factors that make any bonding robust are having a real difficult time lacking oxygen, environment and trust above all. Couples nowadays have all the rights to take a decision that renders their once considered joyful bonding terminally ill.

Stress and lifestyle (like in case of all the modern diseases) have together made the 'Separating Bird' fly high in the skies of insecurity, infidelity and vulnerability. Anything ranging from indifferent opinions to discerning nods is all what makes a person appear taller on the ground of a battle better known to us as blame-game.

Social network DPs, friend's unknown friend, variable excuses, height of possessiveness, the confusion created by third parties, own developed misunderstandings, miscellaneous attitudes, momentary tolerability and profound darkness in one's own nature are among those painful items responsible for making the fondness in a person's heart for someone special as brain dead. In a sure shot case of terrible unlikeliness, we get updates on breakups and divorces more often than not.

Nowadays, a person's imperative desire of keeping his better half happy dwindles along the line of trust. Decision making has become faster due to the complete absence of parents and various others social buddies. In earlier days, a person would comprehensively finds all the featured qualities (for a successful relationship) in a single person. On the contrary, different qualities from various people nowadays seem to be catching stronger attention when it comes to drop a long lasting impression.

Getting into a relationship at an immature age is probably the standalone reason for the compete destruction of a beautiful union. One might feel and say he is modern, trendy, cool, multitasking and what not and still can boast about himself. But making a person (in a relationship) sad, devastated and nothing adds up no value, at all, to his self-esteemed bizarre praise. After all, it's only a relationship that requires two persons but it's vice versa is exactly what has been prevailing over.

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