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The Foolish Donkey Story- A Donkey And An Imaginary Rope

Hello Frienzzz,
A Bag Full of Thanks to all of you for giving so much love to my 3 Minute stories for Storytelling.
Here I am in front of you all with a short humorous story in English about The Foolish Donkey and an Imaginary rope.
How The Foolish Donkey Got Fooled By The Saint?Once in a small village, there lived an innocent potter with his family. He too had a donkey on which he used to carry the soil from the field everyday to his house. 
Since the field was very far away from his house, Everyday he use to take rest under a shady tree in midway.  He too ties his donkey with a rope nearby so that the donkey may not escape easily. But one day the potter had forgotten to carry the rope with him that he uses to tie the foolish donkey. When he reached to the shady tree far away from his house, he realized that he has forgotten to bring the rope with him and if he left the donkey free, the chances are there that donkey may ran away easily. 

He started thinking that “How should I tie the donke…