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The Branjelina - That Isn't There Anymore

During my childhood days, the romance between Brat Pittand AngelinaJoliewas one of the most mesmerizing global news updates I used to read upon. But as they say that all good things must come to an end. Hence, the goodness of "Branjelina" is no exception either. The fairy tale finally ends in tragedy. But amid loud gossips, news bulletins and the series of bitter truths, the social media is all set with its sharp and surprising reactions.

Dhoni’s Reel Life- Real Untold Story


आप Aam Aadmi Party के कुछ दर्दनाक चेहरे जिन्हें जानना बहुत जरुरी है

"आप"AAM Aadmi Partyकेकुछऐसेचेहरेजिनकेअपराधोंको जानकरआपभीकाँपउठेंगे....

#1. पहलाचेहरा:- "आप"केपूर्वमंत्रीसंदीपकुमार जोकीसुल्तानपुरमाजरासेहै। जिन्होंने 2009 मैं LLB की डिग्री हासिल की है। और ये वकील भी रह चुके है।   आरोप :-  इन परआरोपयेहैकीइनकाकईमहिलाओकेसाथअनैतिकसंबंधहै।
 #2. दूसराचेहरा:-  

A GIRL'S ATTIRE: How Dare You To Decide....???

Stop Rape Part-5
"Poppyy's PopUp No. 5 Against Rape"
"One More Article In Continuation To Our Revolutions Against Rape"
Universally, it is a well known fact that kids look stunningly cute and adorable with whatever they are made to wear. Their flashy short and long dresses make them appear seriously eyes-popping at any event. Then there comes a stage where we want our grown up babies to wear what best suites their respective personalities. Then teenage comes and the 'difference' finds its unique place.

It is soul-piercing to know that existence of a rape is linked to a girl's attire. Everytime I see someone doing the same pulls me down into the depths of somewhat contorted, twisted and malignant thinking. We have got no rights to proportionate a girl's outfit directly or indirectly to the evilness lies in the hungry, lustful and cheap desires of a rapist. And like every creature, girls too reach their peak with respect to various parameters like bea…

Pakistan's Barking Ability Gets Gruesome (Pakistan V/s A Dog)

Pakistan's notoriety has now become something more of a mental pain than a physical one for India and Indians

As We all know, barking dogs seldom bite, it always stands true for Pakistan however in their case their age old barking ability is now consistently dwelling on to the biting one. (Here I stress upon this fact that I'm nowhere comparing Pakistan to a dog because a dog never disturbs a human soul until he is declared mad)

Without a shadow of doubt, Pakistan is one of those lands of continuous uproars that has been feeding terrorism everything. The list varies remarkably surprising as it offers miscellaneous items ranging from starters to sweets. Although one can't straightforwardly deny that Pakistan has been progressively reaping what it has, indeed, been sowing for the destruction of others for a very long time.

Troubling us, has been the most sought after creative activities for Pakistan as their own developmental needs nowhere include the humanity for which they …

Secret Revealed Behind - SRK's 21 Million Followers

Gladly and in an undisputed manner, I always feel proud stating that Shah Rukh Khan always topples the list of most followed celebrities and this time his followers have crossed the magical milestone of 21 million mark. There are plenty more out there who do not have access to twitter is also a matter of joyous consideration. 

AAP's deteriorating Apnapan-Aam Aadmi Party is Really Very AAM (Cheap Wala)

Ever since it came into existence, AAP has always managed to stay on top of the list featuring top 3 happening things in Indian politics. However, AAP has also managed to get good solid attention for wrongdoings not deserved & expected. Arvind Kejriwal had shown a supreme sense of confidence that made entire Delhi to accept the biggest political inferno (for other parties) with a big smile locked in.

Stop Rape Part 4 – Types of rape in India

Rape is the most debated word but have you ever heard about its types? Yes, you heard right......I am talking about the types of rape, and when you know about it,  then the ground will shrink beneath your feet. After our three previous popups Rape Part 1, Rape Part 2 and Rape part 3, here we will see its types..........
Once a woman is raped……..the molestation is not over their……… it is just a beginning of her rape........ She gets raped each and every day, every minute and even for every second of her life. Laws and punishment are just meant for punishing the convict for physical rape, but what about the different type of rape that the same girl faces every day??? Here are some of them…………….

Rape by her family
I know you are shocked with this statement, but it is true. The family is the first thing a girl need when she faces physical molestation. But many girls are not even supported by her family members, in fact, they balm the girls for such incidents. In this way, she is continuously…