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For all Alcoholics - Read it at your own Risk

Hello, friend’s very morning to all of you, today I am here with the most popular and interesting topic in the entire Globe and Yes that is of Most Expensive Alcohol on the earth. Oh yeah I know that this sounds very great and today I will let you know all the great facts of the Expensive Alcohol and what are the stuff which makes it more interesting and popular.
# 10 The Ale Vieille Bon Secours

It is the liquor which is in 10th position in the list of expensive alcohol drinks. This did not mean that Beer does not have any place in the list, the Vieille Bon is the Beer, and it is an artisanal beer by Brasserie Caulier. The cost of the beer is around $1,200 and the bottle is of 12 littles. It is the brand since 1995 it contains 8% alcohol and flavor of toffee in it.
#9 the Winston Cocktail
This is the cocktail mix and this is concocted by famous international bartender Salvatore Calabrese. The cost is $14, 000 you will get the mix of 60 ml and that is of Cognac Croizet, 1858 this is the el…

Top 10 jobs which give you every day a high rate of depression

Hello, guys, RK Rohit and Poppyy are back again with another Wicked Trending Facinos for all dear friends. First of all a very hearty Good Morning to you all, and as we all know that guys this is the month end and this Popup is for our friends which are from the working profession for some it will be solution or for some of them it will be fact which they are suffering currently from the depression all because of their jobs. So here Poppyy and RK Rohit is going to tell you about the top 10 careers due to which people have to suffer the depression. So here we are:

Jobs and depression
“There are convinced aspects of in the least job that can make a payment to or make worse depression,” says by the Deborah Legge, Ph.D., a certified psychological health psychotherapist in Buffalo. "People with the high-stress jobs contain a superior probability of running it if they take care of them and obtain the help which they need.”

#1.  Nursing home/child-care workers
Personal-care contributors pea…

The Dream Trains of World – found in India

Very good  morning friends, as I knew you were waiting for me and yes I am back with the great topic and that is Trains at Glance in India. In our country there are number of luxury trains which are running at great glance and today I will tell you about the most luxury trains in the country.
Palace on Wheels – a travel dream

This train is a real Palace on wheels; it is the first luxurious Indian train and a proud for us. This train explains the era of the indulgence, grace and royalty. Friends you will not believe that palace on wheels is same as a palace from inside having luxurious cabins. Every wall is designed with carpeting; a heavy loaded bar is there, with great hospitality and is provided two dining cars are there. 
In fact for 7 days you will feel exact like a Maharaja in heaven in this train. Palace on Wheels is been inspired by the Maharajas Nizams and the Viceroys. You can have the view of the Royal Rajasthan inside the train the train is filled with the blend of the tradit…

Stop Rape Part -3 – Another Stupid Reason To Blame Girls For Rape

Hello, guys and a very heartily good morning from Poppyy, after getting massive response on our previous efforts to step forward our revolution “ STOP RAPE Part -1” and “STOPRAPE Part-2”.
 In our previous PopUp against rape and rapist, we talked about the reasons which are responsible for rape and on that popup we got a comment from one of our reader who said that the main cause of rape is being illiterate and being uneducated. Do you all agree with it?????
 Well I am not, that’s why that comment made me think about it and after doing some research also, I have got a conclusion and here it is….. Read it and Plzz tell me am I right or wrong?
In our country India, rape is just a four letter word for many people and especially for the convict but for a rape victim, it is his/her most frightening nightmare. We keep on blaming each other for such crimes, but we forget that we all are somehow responsible for this. In our country where women and a girl are considered goddess but no one is conc…

24 Most Astonishing facts about City of Lakes-“Bhopal”

Hello everyone! This is Poppy, as you all know I am a Bhopali 
Lets check Are you a pure Bhopali or not????  
Here I m going to share with you some rare facts about the most beautiful city of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal, the city that is more popularly known as the “City of Lakes” has some things about itself which are hidden from many people.

Spookiest haunted objects all over the world- a mysterious update in Poppyy’s Diary

Hello all....!!! A very Spooky morning to all from Poppyy....!!!  Horror stories and haunted objects are something that attracts most people. Even if these are too scary, people still like to read and experience the spine chilling scary experiences. So today I update my dairy about the most famous haunted objects from across the world.   
The Dybukk Box
A simple and stylish wine cabinet; this is reputed as one of the most terrorizing home for a demonic entity. The name of this box is kept after the name of this entity, the Dybukk which is the evil spirit that resides in this wine box. The contents of this box could actually surprise anyone because they are associated with darkness and evil happenings. It contained locks of hair that were bound with cords, wine goblet in golden shade, the coins belonging to 1920, small statue, candle holder, and a dried bud of rose. This box caught lots of attention when a person auctioned it on a popular selling site stating that the possession of the bo…

RK Rohit and Poppyy’s point of view on the Dowry system of India

Hello, friends, this is RK Rohit and Poppyy a warm good morning to you all my dear friends. We are here with another popup and this time we will talk about the dowry system in India. There are many of the families in all over the India which only suffer due to the dowry. And the most effected person of this dowry is the girls and also the poor families of the India. So let’s begin guys here we are and this time, we will tell you how people can prevent from the dowry or how the rate of the dowry will be reduced in India. Because this is the just things which have to be sought out as soon as possible and in near future, no one will have to suffer only because of the dowry.
    1.Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 This act is made by the government of India in the year 1961 on 20th May. But this act was enforced on July 1st, 1961. Except the Jammu Kashmir this act is extended in all over the India. But when Poppyy and I made a report on this act we have seen that this act is failed, and the peop…

Poppyy is here with the great update from Rio Olympic

Hello, friends, very morning to all as I am back once again and today I am here with the most trending topic of the world and that is Rio Olympic. Let me tell you about the great ladies who had been won the medals for the country and thus we all should have the view on their struggle as they are the pride of our nation.
The silver medal winning lady PV sindhu

At the first I will tell you about the PV sindhu, she is the second lady who had won the medal in the Rio de Janeiro. This lady is the pride of the country as she had won the silver medal in the singles badminton match. She settled for the silver medal after an interesting match. She is the great lady who had carried the head of the country high.The achievement is remarkable as it was her first Olympic game. The silver medal is the biggest prize for India in badminton as in the past the best was bronze medal which was won by the saina nehwal in London Olympic. The young talent like Pvsindhu should get the best encouragement so as …

Law of attraction– discover with Poppy how to make your every dream come true

Hello, it's me Poppy and my today's post is about having control over one's life. Well, it really sounds awkward as how someone has control over his/her life where everything is uncertain. But let me tell you that it is true as everything which happens to us is our thinking outcome and if there is anyone who can change it, is only you. 
Well, you all have been thinking that I m taking nonsense, but it is not. You can achieve whatever you want and it is with just your thoughts and law of attraction is the key to achieving it.

Wanna earn money online - Learn from Poppyy

Hello there, this is Poppy and I hope you are enjoying our entertaining and informative post. Well, my today’s post is a kind of different as it is about making money. Yeah, I know this word brings smile on our faces, and we keep on finding our ways of earring it…….. But as we know it is not that easy and short cut ways are not the right way of earning it. So, I have decided to tell you the most effective ways of earning money online and yes they are not the short cut ways, but you can say that it is quit the easiest one.
With the power of the internet and yes with the help of our favorite Goggle uncle we can find anything, even we can find God on it….hahahaha….just joking. But it is true that you can find many ways on online for earning money and here in it you will be going to know about the different ways of earning money online. So, let’s start and find out how you can make money on it.

1. Freelance writing
Freelance writing or in other words content writing is the most popular wa…

Stop Rape Part-2- Poppyy Got some reasons for Rape and some possible solutions to cut this crime

"Stop Rape Part 2"
After Getting Huge response on My first article to Trigger Our protest against “Rape”
Here’s another one towards our Revolution against “Rape”….. Keep reading Keep commenting give fire to our Revolution……
Rape- The word is heard or read somewhere and a strange emotion gets evoked in our hearts. Some talk about this topic, and others resent the word itself. In the last update, I had asked myself and my viewers, 
Who is responsible for rape culture in our country? Our Society or Our Constitution….. 
Today sitting here with my pen and diary, I think I need to write about all the reasons which provoke the happening of rapes. Blame game can go on forever and that is indeed of no help to anyone, neither the society nor the victims. The rape culture is not a new thing; it has been prevalent in the world since centuries. But the recent years had seen a rise in such cases, especially in India.

Poppyy and RK Rohit can save you by becoming victim of cyber bullying

Hey, guys RK Rohit is back again with one more Wicked Trending Facinos in which my dear friend Poppyy is again going to help me. And this is our 7th popup, and I hope you all like our WTF. A very good morning to you all and wish you all a Happy Independence day from Poppyy, me and our 5 AM PopUp team as well. 

Heroes of Freedom – Forgotten Women Freedom Fighters Of India

Vande Matram….. A Article Dedicated To My and Our Female Heroes…. "The Forgotten Women Freedom Fighters Of India”
Khoob Ladi Mardani Vo to……….. Waali Feeling is in My heart…. A Salute and a tribute to all those Brave Ladies who were our freedom fighters
A heartily good morning to all my friends and how you all are, Are you feeling patriotic today????....
Today when I am publishing this article the date is 15 august 2016 and as we all know that today is our Independence Day, it’s very great day for our nation as we got the freedom from the British rule where women freedom fighters of India has played a vital role.
Yeah I do know that patriotic feeling is coming inside in your heart and it is in my heart too. The problem is that we know about few freedom fighters only. There are lots of freedom fighter who are been disappeared from the history pages but they had really sacrificed their whole life for the freedom of country. They were the real hero’s of our Independence.
Those women free…